Sing-Gium International Partners NetDragon Websoft Inc. On Online Gaming
SINGAPORE—June 28, Local online gaming company Sing-Gium International acquires gaming rights from Fujian-based NetDragon Websoft Inc., China’s second largest gaming company. Sing-Gium International will acquire a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) game, dubbed Zero Online, in this landmark agreement.

With this collaboration, worth approximately US$ 440,000, Sing-Gium becomes NetDragon’s first partner in Southeast Asia. Both partners are targeting 2.5 million subscribers within a year. The two companies have formed a 15-member team dedicated to this project, which will span at least two years.

The game centers around a robotic theme instead of a fantasy storyline, which is unusual to this genre of games. Zero Online also boasts high playability and appeals to MMORPG players with varying levels of experience.

“We are proud of this game and this partnership, and foresee that this will yield fruitful results for both companies. We are confident that this is the start of a long and successful collaboration,” said Jeffery Tan, Executive Manager, Sing-Gium International. “We see this as a significant step towards Singapore’s development as a gaming hub, and hope to further cement this by hosting servers for the game in Singapore in the future.”

NetDragon Websoft Inc., which plans to list on NASDAQ this year, is the parent company of online game developer TQ Digital. The company is best known for its highly-successful game, Conquer Online. NetDragon has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States, and now plans to expand to Southeast-Asian region with this partnership with Sing-Gium.

“Over the years, we have worked with leading gaming companies to increase international exposure for our games and deliver enhanced gaming experiences to an even wider audience,” said Liu Dejian, Founder and Chairman, NetDragon Websoft Inc. “Sing-Gium is our partner of choice because of its experience and dedication to providing the best online services in the region.”

“IDA congratulates Sing-Gium’s success in acquiring online game content from such leading partners in China. This is yet another example of how game publishers see value in using Singapore as a base for their regional online game activities. Sing-Gium’s expansion plans for their Singapore office to serve their 2.5 million subscribers will strengthen our capabilities in managing truly regional online game services.” said Thomas Lim, Director of Games and Entertainment, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

About Sing Gium International
Sing-Gium International is a premium provider of online services and online games in Asia Pacific. By bringing new online gaming trends that are fast becoming popular in other regions of Asia Pacific to Singapore, it has become a key catalyst to the development of a vibrant gaming culture in Singapore. Sing-Gium International also adapts these online games to make them marketable to international markets.

A strong dedication to serve the local gaming community has driven Sing-Gium International to establish @Corner as Singapore’s first E1 Gaming centre. Sing-Gium is also the developer of MY CITY, the first fully localised 3D avatar interactive chat game that offers a unique combination of online gaming avatar, instant messaging, shopping and community bonding. Through MY CITY, Sing-Gium has successfully created and introduced a new gaming lifestyle and built an interactive and rapidly growing web community. MY CITY also offers @Corner franchisees an excellent platform for distribution of new games.

About NetDragon Websoft Inc.
NetDragon Websoft Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiary TQ Digital Entertainment, is a leading developer and publisher of online games. The company develops and publishes its products in two main areas: Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), and casual games.

The company’s current MMOG titles include: “Conquer Online”, “Monster & Me”, and “Era of Faith”, all of which have been published both in China and the United States. The company is current working on several MMOG titles including: “Realm of Magic,” an action-based online game, “Zero,” a sci-fi based MMOG featuring online robot wars, “Farms Online,” a cartoon-styled MMOG featuring farming lives, and Heroes of Might and Magic Online, a joint development project with Ubisoft based on the famous PC game of the same name. In the casual gaming space, the company has developed a gaming platform,, featuring more than 20 casual online games.

Headquartered in Fuzhou, China, the company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Liu Dejian, a renowned American-Chinese businessman, who is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of the booming China online gaming industry. Currently employing more than 700 employees and over 400 developers, NetDragon is one of the largest game development studios and one of the fastest growing technology companies in China.

NetDragon Websoft Inc. is committed to provide the best online gaming experience for game players, and look forward to continuing collaborations with Chinese and global partners.

About ZERO
Zero is a real-time MMO online game where robots wage war against each other in the vast galaxy.This is a game like no other – its central characters are not human beings but gigantic 20 metre-tall, armour-clad robots with massive fire arms in their hands.

Zero breaks away from conventional gameplay like battling monsters and honing of magic skills. It presents an exciting robotic world of armour exploration, weapon enhancement, machine evolution and competition for resources.

In Zero, the shadow of cold armour reaches far and wide in the solar system. From the earth, the space base camp in the shadows of the moon crater, to the polar cap blasted by Mars’ red storms and Titan orbiting in Saturn’s ring, everywhere is a battlefield for the robots.

In this world of extremes, stillness co-exists with prosperity. Be dazzled by the myriad of planets, satellites and asteroids. Be awed by Saturn’s brilliant halo from Titan. Be enchanted with the stroll to the space camp in the shadow of lunar craters, where a colossal colonial satellite hangs above your head and the never-ceasing red gusts of Mars rages behind you.

Zero astounds with infinite play possibilities.With its offering of exceptional playability, Zero is like a breath of fresh air amongst today’s content-deficient gaming titles.

You can find transformation, assembly, equipping, research labs, satellites, battle amongst small planets, flying, machine guns, massive cannons, roving in the universe, weapon evolution, pilot, aircraft carrier, new human skills, alloy, mapping weapons, site props, nuclear weapons, drifting cannons, formation tactics…all in Zero.
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