RaiderZ announces open beta dates
Berlin, the 20th of September 2012: Following the successful closed beta phase of the monster hunting MMO RaiderZ, Gameforge takes a look back and digs up some fascinating data for statistics lovers. Additionally, the online game publisher is proud to announce that the open beta phase for RaiderZ will be starting on the 24th of October, adding new zones and hordes of new monsters for HunterZ to fight.

The world of Rendel has hosted a tremendous amount of adventurers this summer, and there willl be more joining during the open beta. Players created more than 70,000 characters and fought under the flags of 1,037 guilds in the great hunt. That’s enough to fill the O2 Arena three and a half times!

As terrifying as they may be, the monsters of RaiderZ struggled to counter the onslaught of the armies of HunterZ, and at the last count 527,086 of them were missing in action. The colossal Veilnus alone was knocked down 100,031 times, proving that sometimes the life of a legendary beast is tough. Nothing was able to stop the onward march of players toward the beta level cap at 30, reached with panache by 72 dedicated individuals. A bitter-tasting defeat for our creatures indeed. The real question is now how swiftly will players reach the new goals set during the open beta, and how many more monsters will die to fuel the process…

We’re gearing up for the next hunting season in Berlin, join us if you dare on the 24th of October.
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