Runes of Magic to Get Elves
SAN FRANCISCO – June 12, 2009 - Frogster America, Inc. today announced that starting in September, elves will enter Runes of Magic as playable race. The addition of the playable class coincides with the launch of the second chapter of the game which was announced last week at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The upcoming ‘Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy,’ will deliver a widely branching background story with the elven race playing a major part. The second chapter will offer many new challenges which will be told in many new quests and new quest lines. It will also lead players into new game regions characterized by elven lore, including an elven island off of the shore of Ravenfell.

After having lived in secrecy for ages, the elves are surrounded by an aura of mystery. Nevertheless, they are considered to be one of Taborea’s oldest races. Because of their particular affinity for nature, the elves are mostly found in the remote and undisturbed areas of Taborea’s large forests. Members of the elven people are characterized by extraordinary intelligence and dexterity and their metal-working skills are on a par with those of the dwarves, whereas their style is much more ornate.

The design of elvish weapons is of great elegance, and almost fragility, but in the hands of an elvish fighter, they reveal an impressive effectiveness. A decisive influence on the effects of elvish weapons derives from their owner’s purity and affinity with nature. Because of their aesthetic value, the renowned elvish long swords and longbows are very sought after by humans, as well. But, only the elves themselves possess the mental skills necessary to handle such elegant weapons.

Yore, the elvish kingdom, has been located in the area of the present Aslan valley. Therefore, the valley is also known as ‘The Origin.’ The elven kingdom was shattered in the time of the primeval war against the demons. After an oracle prophecy, a part of the elven people abandoned the area under Prince Isnasil to avoid the conflict. A second faction under king Antaikolon waged war. To avoid such confrontations in the future, the elven king had a magical wall erected in the aftermath to hold back the evil Naga people which have been allied with the demons. By inserting the holy elven sword ‘Arclight’ into the wall, he rendered it impenetrable.

Since that time, the descendants of the elven fighters around Antaikolon have served as guardians and paladins of the holy sword ‘Arclight’ dedicating themselves to the study of their martial arts. When elven Prince Sig’aylas removed the holy sword ‘Arclight’ from the wall hundreds of years later to defend his human true love, the wall perished and the Naga threat flared up once again. With the upcoming ‘Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy’ for Runes of Magic, the elven people will enter the stage again. Starting in September 2009 players will be able to play their part in the game world of Taborea.

About Runes of Magic
With an extensive range of features Runes of Magic is redefining the standard for free-to-play titles. Runes of Magic conveys an absorbing story through more than 1,600 quests in an exciting and dangerous fantasy world. Players can choose between six main classes and combined with a secondary class, choose to create a character from 30 character class combinations. All characters possess unique skills with impressive combo attacks and can use mounts including war horses.

A particularly attractive feature is the ability for players to decorate their own virtual homes with individual furnishings, and for guilds to build up their own castles. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss monsters, Runes of Magic has something for everyone. The Taiwanese developer Runewaker, has developed Runes of Magic according to western MMO standards and put more than three years of development into the game. The studio will continue to provide new challenges for players every four to five months with free add-ons and updates. MMO fans can find more information, pictures and videos on the official website at:

Runes of Magic features:
• Free-to-play: no monthly fees, free download
• Extensive dual class system (six primary and secondary classes)
• Versatile spell- and attack-combinations
• Enthralling background story
• More than 1,600 quests and quest series
• No zone boundaries thanks to seamless architecture
• Dungeons: Instanced and persistent
• Individually developable skills and spells
• Armor sets with special bonuses
• Dynamic item system with hundreds of runes for upgrading
• Optional PvP system with arena battles and guild wars
• Ranking system with player-ranking lists
• Multitude of unique mounts
• Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items
• Personalization of player houses through individual furnishing
• Reputation system
• Customizable user interface with the option to use Add-Ons
• Map and radar system to find dealers, resources and quests easily
• In-game auction houses for trading items
• Teleport-Runes for instant travel
• Mouse and keyboard controls for movement
• Regular updates with new content
• Guild castles in special zones
• Cross-server fights in three-server-battle in development

About Runewaker Entertainment Ltd.
Runewaker Entertainment was founded in August of 2004, with the headquarters located in Taichung, Taiwan. The founding members are all very experienced in the field and decided to come together to pursue their own dream. Currently Runewaker employs over 40 highly skilled programmers, designers and artists and is constantly expanding. Runewaker specializes in making massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). The company has built their own engine from scratch that rivals some of the best that is available out on the market. Their first product, Radiant Arcana (Runes of Magic), has already launched in China, North America and Europe. Runewaker is currently producing more content for Runes of Magic. Webpage:

About Frogster America, Inc.
Frogster America, Inc., was founded in 2008 to bring high-quality online games to the North American market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, a Berlin based listed publisher of online computer games, Frogster America is located in San Francisco, and focused on the operation and marketing of MMO games that appeal to a global audience. With Runes of Magic, released on March 19, 2009, the company is well positioned for success with a rapidly growing community and strong initial title on which to establish its market presence. For more information, please visit: