It's a Kind of Magic…
Frogster, the Berlin-based publisher, goes further on its revelations about TERA, the pioneering action packed MMORPG, expected to be launched in 2011. Further details on two classes, the Mystic and the Sorcerer, are released alongside with the background of the Human race, one of the important factions of the persisting and evolving universe of TERA.

The Mystic and The Sorcerer: Dancing with magic
Amongst the various classes found in TERA that are focused on magic, you can find the Mystics; mages possessing the ability to use ancient magic in order to summon creatures which can fight alongside them, curse their enemies or heal allies.

On the other hand, you can find the Sorcerer. This powerful warrior focuses the power of elements through a floating disc and blasts all of his opponents. Players are warned: there is a good reason not to cross in front of a mage disc…

The Human race: Ligare humanum est.
If there is one race available in nearly every single MMORPG out there, it must be the Human race. Everyone knows them or has heard of their stories. But in TERA, humans are a bit different.

Mankind in TERA has been transformed and deeply influenced by the curse of an angry god. As a result, for thousands of years, Humans have been condemned to live as nomads and cannot settle: wandering from continent to continent , they meet the other habitants of Tera, sealing friendships or suffering slavery.

However, when arose the threat of the Argons, metallic creatures threatening the universe of TERA, the Humans put to good use of their patience and pragmatism which their long exile had taught them. They are at the origin of the creation of the Valkyon federation and try to federate as many of the races they met during their long journey as they can, with only one objective: repelling the Argons.

TERA is currently being developed by Bluehole Studio and will be released in 2011 by Frogster in Europe. More information is still to come about the game features, but to get the latest notes on the fantastic universe of the game, please pay a visit to the official website :
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