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Just over 3 months after TERA, the action-MMO, launched in South Korea to record breaking numbers, publisher Frogster is pleased to announce a wide range of new updates players will be seeing when it launches in Europe.

The first major patch to the game since its release unveils the fourth, and so far unseen, continent of Northern Shara. As well as raising the level cap from level 50 to level 58, the introduction of the new continent also brings with it 10 new zones, a huge new city, 4 new instances and a wide range of other gameplay additions.

Included in the upcoming patch is the ability for guild masters to declare war on opposing guilds and embark on a fiery campaign against fellow TERA players that can last up to 7 days. For those who have yet to choose a side, the ability to search for a guild has been introduced allowing players to swiftly join the guild of their choice and do battle in honour of their new found alliance.

But before players unsheathe their weapons, they should make use of the new skill customizing feature which gives players the choice of which skills they would like to connect in combos – the potential for utter devastation on the battlefield is now entirely in players’ hands. Win or lose, prosper or die, only the best and most steadfast of warriors will emerge from the battlefield alive.

As well as being the frontline for the Argon War, the mighty Aman fortress city of Kaiator is the main transportation hub in Northern Shara. From Kaiator players can make their way to one of 6 new zones in the region, such as Darkquaver Woods, the much feared wooldland territory concealing an ancient relic and cursed spirits.

Northern Shara is not the only continent to have its secrets revealed in the patch. 4 new zones will also be added to Southern Shara, some beautiful, some dangerous, some hiding the power of the dragons who threaten to rule the skies of TERA once more.
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