Frogster Reveals European Launch Schedule for Anticipated MMO, TERA
Frogster can today announce that TERA, the much anticipated action MMORPG, will launch in Spring 2012. Previously scheduled for 2011, the release has been postponed in order to fully integrate various content updates into the game; ensuring that it will meet the high expectations of both press and fans alike. The extra time will allow new content and features to be implemented into the game.

Players will also get a chance to explore the world of TERA and experience the unique combat system in 2011 with Alpha testing scheduled to begin later this year. At the beginning of 2012 more players will get the chance to see the game with the open Beta testing getting underway in preparation for the final release.

“By launching TERA in Spring 2012 we ensure that the game will not only live up to expectations, but surpass them,” said Daniel Ullrich, CMO of Frogster Online Gaming. “We’ll be unveiling various features at Gamescom and rest assured these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what players can expect when TERA is released early next year”.

TERA is set to redefine what players can expect from an MMORPG; introducing a dynamic combat system that gives players total control of their character in a world rich with fantasy and wonder. The political system, one of the features being further expanded upon for release in 2012, will change the way players engage with the world around them and broaden the scope of what gamers can expect from an MMO community.

Those eager to play TERA can get a hands-on experience at Gamescom, where Frogster will unveil several new features at Hall 9.1, Booth B-011/C-010.
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