Dark Spirits Usher in the Fourth Closed Beta
Players will now have the opportunity to explore hitherto uncharted regions in TERA during the fourth closed beta phase from Friday the 30th of March until Sunday the 1st of April. The level cap has been raised to 38 enabling players to take on new quests and ransack perilous dungeons.

The servers go live on Friday at 15:00 and stay open until Sunday at midnight (CEST). This gives courageous adventurers over 50 hoursí playtime in which to master the Eldritch Academy and Dark Cathedral dungeons, and try their hand at the Cultistsí Refuge instance. There is also a new in-game event in which thieves have been pilfering Easter eggs and itís up to players to track them all down.

All players who have pre-ordered TERA will automatically be granted access to all future betas. We have also published some new screenshots from the high-level regions including pictures of the frightening Berylheart, the deadly Shurian Mindbender and Valgmore with his hungry Vacerbus, which are well worth a look.

TERA is being launched on the 3rd of May 2012 on subscription basis. Ubisoft is the distributor and as such, is the first point of contact for questions relating to over-the-counter retail, while Frogster is in charge of the online operations of the game in Europe. Players can pre-order TERA to ensure they receive access to all beta tests. The game is available as a Collectorís Edition, which comes with an impressive and exclusive Regal Frostlion mount:

All assets and more information about TERA are available in our newsroom.
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