Level Editor for Shadowgrounds Coming Soon
Company: Frozenbyte
Helsinki, Finland - 15 March 2006 - Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is delighted to announce that it will release Level Editor tools for its action
game Shadowgrounds. The Level Editor will be released in April - right in time to coincide with the North American and United Kingdom retail releases
of the game, which are set for April 18 and April 28, respectively.

"This is our way of thanking our fans for their support. We hope that the Level Editor gives Shadowgrounds more longevity and reinforces its position
as a great, retro-inspired action shooter," said Frozenbyte CEO, Lauri Hyvarinen.

With the Level Editor, gamers are able to create totally new missions and even mini campaigns. Other gamers can play the new missions or bigger
modifications easily, because the Shadowgrounds Launcher configuration tool will be updated with an easy-to-use mod launcher.

"We didn't plan to release the tools to the public, but the demand was there and we thought we'd just see what happens," said Hyvarinen and continued:

"There are some limitations, for example it's not possible to create such complex buildings as in Shadowgrounds, because those were created with
professional tools like LightWave 3D. However, we are creating a set of small building blocks that can be used to create indoor spaces very quickly.
The Level Editor gives gamers the possibility to create missions that are on par with the original Shadowgrounds missions - and we can't wait to see the

Shadowgrounds was released in November 2005 in Finland and Germany, with France and Australia following in early 2006. Spring 2006 sees the game
released in North America, the UK, and many other territories. Shadowgrounds has a suggested retail price of 29.99 dollars/euros and the official website is located at http://www.shadowgroundsgame.com/ .

The Level Editor will be released in April.

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Frozenbyte is an independent game developer based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 2001, the company is out to show the world that dedication, hard
work and innovation can still deliver inspiring games. Highly-anticipated Shadowgrounds is Frozenbyte's first commercial game and has already received
much critical acclaim in Finland and Germany, where the game was released in November 2005.
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