Jagged Alliance 2 Veteran Joins the Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter Team
Company: Full Control
Copenhagen, May 7th - Full Control, a Danish development studio currently running the Kickstarter to make a Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a prequel to the Jagged Alliance series, today announced that Chris Camfield has joined the advisory board for their project. Chris was responsible for co-designing and implementing the classic Jagged Alliance 2 games, as well as leading design in the unreleased Jagged Alliance 3.

Additionally, Full Control has established an advisory team of community modders to advise and co-design the modding support options for Flashback. Currently this team includes R@S, creator of the Blue Sun Mod for 7.62 - High Calibre and DepressivesBrot from the 1.13-Crew. Full Control is in active talks with additional high profile modders to expand the advisory team even more.

“We are extremely excited to have Chris on board as an advisor. He is able to not only answer how things were implemented, but why”, said Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control, “We are able to get a much deeper understanding of the inner workings of Jagged Alliance 2 in addition to the insights that Chris and the Sir-tech team had during development on Jagged Alliance 3. And now in actively collaborating with established modders we're making sure that Flashback will support modding from day 1 in the best possible way”.

The Kickstarter for Jagged Alliance: Flashback runs to the 23rd of May and has currently reached close to $150,000, which is approximately 43% of the funding goal. Once the $200,000 mark is reached, stretch goals will be revealed to show current and potential backers what could become a part of Jagged Alliance: Flashback if the target funding goal is surpassed.

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Visit the Full Control website: http://www.fullcontrol.dk/
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History of the Jagged Alliance Franchise:
Jagged Alliance was first released in 1994 and is still counted as one the best turn based strategy games of its time. After the release of Jagged Alliance 2 in 1999 the series slipped back into the cold war and received a reboot in 2010 with Jagged Alliance – Back in Action, which received mixed reactions from the community and press after its departure from turn-based action gameplay. Full Control plan to reset the franchise with the launch of Jagged Alliance: Flashback through Kickstarter.

About Full Control
Full Control is a small indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years they have specialized in the genre of turn-based strategy games and have several productions in their portfolio: Their current project is a turn-based videogame adaptation of the hugely popular Warhammer 40k title “Space Hulk”
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