Funmangames Releases a New Game: The Cursed Wheel for Mac Os X and Windows
Company: Funmangames
April 27, 2005 ­ Barcelona, Spain ­ Independent Game Developer, Funmangames announced the release of their first game for Mac OS X and Windows, called The Cursed Wheel.

Taking a unique and collaborative approach, The Cursed Wheel is reminiscent of other extremely popular computer games, however, it infuses its own
distinctive enhancements. This approach results in an entertaining action/arcade/puzzle that features refined 3D animations and graphics within a Mayan theme.

Site Description of The Cursed Wheel

Discover the ancient secret hidden by the Mayan pyramid! Use your skill and dexterity to spin the cursed wheel, beat the Stone Guardian and loot the
treasure! Get ready for some action!

* Play as much as you want in Arcade mode. Random levels that never end, your skill sets the limit!
* Slow paced play in Puzzle mode.
* Get through the pyramid in Maze mode, up to 10 different ones!
* 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. Can you beat them all?
* Easy and intuitive control, just use your mouse to play!
* Featuring stunning graphics and an awesome soundtrack.
* On-line high scores ranking for Arcade mode. Show your friends who's the best!

Both PC and Mac demo versions can be downloaded free of charge at the Funmangames website:

The Cursed Wheel is $19.95 and available for online purchase.

About Funmangames
Funmangames is a small company placed in Spain focused in creating fun and quality games that everyone can enjoy, while having fun doing it! Because we think making games is not just a business but also a life style, of which we are very proud of, and we'd like to share it with you. The best
way of doing it is providing you a way to try our games for free so you can taste them yourself; we hope you enjoy playing them as much as we have
enjoyed doing them.
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