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Title Bout 2005 is a complete boxing simulation that places over 4000 fighters from John L. Sullivan (The First Heavyweight Champion of the World) to Wladimir Klitschko under your control. Recreate boxing history or make your own, using actual fighters, referees, corner men, and officials. All aspects of the sport, from knockdowns to knockouts, from cuts to disqualifications, from trial horses to champions, make Title Bout 2005 the most complete and realistic boxing simulation on the market.

Key Features

Over 4000 individual fighters rated in three dozen categories!

Single Player and 2 Player Head to Head Modes

Every champion in every division represented, from John L. Sullivan to Wladimir Klitschko, from Joe Gans to Diego Corrales

Rater corner men, referees, and officials

Complete "Stat-Tracker" compiles the numbers for individual fights and complete careers: won-lost, rounds fought, knockdowns & knockouts for and against, connect percentage and a dozen more categories

Divisional Rankings show the rise and fall of your favourite fighters

Top Ten Lists sorted according to your parameters. Want to find the ten left-handed German fighters with the best knockout percentage after at least 20 bouts? No problem!

You work the corner! Decide what strategies to use and when. Work on your fighter's cut while trying to motivate him. You can be the difference between winning and losing.

Recreate historic matches like Ali vs. Frazier; fight "dream matches" like Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Marvin Hagler; or "predict" future outcomes by matching upcoming opponents before they actually fight.

Follow the blow-by-blow commentary of a bout or fight 100 fights in two minutes, using the auto-scheduler in "speed mode" and get the compiled results.

And many, many more!

"Title Bout is without doubt the most complete "Boxing Simulation" that will be hitting retail to date. Our developer, Alpha Omega Games has an unparalleled wealth of experience in the sport of boxing, and this combined with the fact the fighting genre has been one of the most prolific sellers in the industry's history, this makes us believe we have a winner at retail." Commented Andy Law, Managing Director of Fusion Labs. Title Bout Championship Boxing will be available for PC CD ROM priced £29.99 on the 7th of October 2005.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP Operating Systems.

800Mhz Processor.

100MB Disc Space.

256MB System Memory.

64MB 3D Graphics Card.

DirectX 9.0c.

DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Visit the website at http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/tb/
Alternatively you can visit the product website http://www.titlebout.co.uk

About Fusion Labs:
Fusion Labs was set up June 2002 and is headed up by Andy Law as Managing Director & Martin Monnickendam as Financial Director. Based in Wellingborough, in Northamptonshire Fusion Labs currently consists of two divisions, Fusion Software and Fusion Academia with two more divisions scheduled for later in 2005. The primary role at the group is to grow and expand Fusion Software, as well as their educational division Fusion Academia that has recently received DFES (Department for Education and Skills) approval. It has recently acquired the publishing and distribution rights to four new PC titles all of which are due from February 2005 onwards. Titles released to date include The Creatures product range from Gameware, and these were all made available in July, Sept of 2004.
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