Free-to-Play Browser-Based MMORPG Arcane Hearts Enters Open Beta
Company: G4Box Inc.
Toronto, Ontario – November 13, 2013 – G4Box, a leading North American free-to-play game publisher, announced today the Open Beta of its new browser MMORPG title, “Arcane Hearts,” which was developed by Playworks. Arcane Hearts is a brand new classic RPG game offering real time PVP action and fluid in-game mechanics. The Playworks team has been revamping Arcane Hearts since the Closed Beta ended, implementing a higher level of customization, adding more in-game rewards, and emphasizing community game play. Players will enter an immersive and dynamic world with challenging quests and complex dungeons. On this epic Journey to the Past, players can engage in ruthless PVP battles, create and manage guilds, and reclaim the lost land of Eldline.

Arcane Hearts is set in the medieval period drawing inspiration from ancient spiritual beliefs and mythologies. “It is and always will be important that we cater Arcane Hearts for the players. We’ve learned so much from the Beta and improved the game based on the feedback we received from the community” said Joan Kim, Arcane Hearts producer at G4Box. “Users were happy to find a great depth of game play and expansive environments to explore, so this game definitely should not be judged by its cover.”

Arcane Hearts Main Features:
Ø Interactive Worlds: Navigate in real-time the dynamic world with random events and fight alongside thousands of other players.
Ø Customization: Create your own persona and craft powerful weapons with limitless possibilities.
Ø Anti-Grind: Experience the auto-hunting function allowing users to level efficiently.
Ø PVP: Battle to the death with other players and gain the power of the lost Elims.
Ø Guild Battles: Engage in war with other guilds and claim your dominance.
Ø Cooperative Play: Gather with friends and take on any one of the challenges and missions in Arcane Hearts. Players can easily teleport to their friends to explore the depths of every dungeon.
Ø VIP Treatment: Players deserve the best, so we will continually reward players as they advance in Arcane Hearts with experience bonuses, special weapons, pets and mounts.

To celebrate the Open Beta of Arcane Hearts, the entire team is ready to engage new players with giveaways, in-game events, and community play times. Arcane Hearts will offer 3 classic character classes: Warrior, Mage, and Shaman. Arcane Hearts is constantly being updated with new items, quests, and areas to explore.

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About Arcane Hearts
Developed by Playworks, Arcane Hearts is a Free-to-Play browser-based MMORPG that will bring players around the world together to fight monsters of the past and stand up to the challenges that abound in the world of Eldline.

About G4Box INC
G4Box is a leading publisher of free-to-play online games. Founded in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, G4Box’s mission is to become the number one online game publisher in North America, Europe, and South America. G4Box currently publishes the popular MMO first-person shooter CrossFire in North and South America through its proprietary online gaming portal,
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