Anarchy: Rush Hour available for download on PSN in Europe
Gaijin Entertainment is proud to announce the release Anarchy: Rush Hour, a new action racing game for the PS3. The eagerly anticipated offering is available for online purchase through PlayStation Network Europe for $7.99.

Put the pedal to the metal in this no-holds-barred arcade racing game that will challenge even the most experienced virtual drivers! Featuring real world locations and accurate streets, players can challenge their friends online with up to 8 others or keep it at home with split screen play for 2 players. As you race the dozens of cars you can add custom soundtracks straight from your PlayStation®3 system or even play the game from across the country with remote play.

Race through detailed, winding city streets, participate in over-the-top racing events, and smash your way through any car in your wayusing an arsenal of incredible devices. As you pull off stunts and obliterate opponents, the explosive action and stunning visual effects will rock your world!

Key features:

° Real cities, real streets,
° Night and day cycle,
° Detailed vehicle damage,
° Dozens of sports cars and tuning options,
° Freedom to choose your own route,
° Hundreds of cars on-screen at once.

About Gaijin Entertainment:
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