World of Planes Expands Its Borders
Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of the upcoming World of Planes action MMO, is happy to announce new details about the game.

This project is expanding its horizons, along with its name. The action MMO is now called War Thunder: World of Planes. This name change is significant because the online multiplayer universe Gaijin is developing has evolved beyond pure aerial combat. The massive historical battles featured in War Thunder cannot be fought with aviation alone—World of Planes is only the beginning.

Today Gaijin has, relaunched the official game website at It is now a convenient and informative web portal that will also be tightly integrated with up-to-date game stats in the near future. The game’s official website features the first edition of aircrafts and locations available in World of Planes, which will be consistently updated with new content as the game progresses.

To be the first to reach the frontlines of the War Thunder: World of Planes MMO, you can apply for the beta test that will start in Q1 2012. To do so, simply fill out the application form on the relaunched website at There, you can also explore new game content, watch all of the official trailers and new fan videos, learn about combat aircraft from the World of Planes encyclopedia, and of course communicate with fans of the project on the Gaijin forums and social networks.

About Gaijin Entertainment
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