Rappelz: New update Epic VIII Part 1: Victory Song launches today
Company: Gala-Net
Dublin, Ireland – November 07th, 2012 – Its new update brings a lot of battle-related additions to the fantasy MMORPG Rappelz: Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the www.gPotato.eu portal, today launches the Rappelz update Epic VIII Part 1: Victory Song. Players can look forward to the introduction of battle Arenas, new team PVP stadiums, as well as a number of new field bosses and additional improvements.

Battle arenas offer three types of team PVP matches, each type features various constellations, up to 16 vs 16. Players won’t need to build teams themselves in order to be able to compete in these new stadiums, the arena system will take care of arranging the right matches. Taking part in battle arena combats gets players Arena Points, which can be spent in an exclusive shop.

Another major addition coming with Victory Song is the introduction of five new creatures, which come as field bosses: A Minotaur, a witch-corpse based creature called Baphomet and the forest spirit Undine are amongst the new field bosses. By fighting these bosses, there is a chance to tame these creatures and turned them into pets.
Other improvements and additions include a title and badge system as well as the introduction of WASD controls to Rappelz, as well as the opening of three new PvE servers.

Rappelz is a free, global MMORPG where over 6 million players adventure and battle in a dark and devastated fantasy world. Rappelz combines a striking fantasy art style with deep character customisation, tactical pet taming & training and extensive player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay. Rappelz is published in Europe in German, French, Polish, Turkish and Italian by the gPotato.eu portal. For further information, visit the official Rappelz website at http://rappelz.gpotato.eu

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato.eu
Gala Networks Europe Ltd., one of the leading European free-to-play online games publisher. It operates the gPotato brand in Europe by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games through the www.gPotato.eu portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPGs including Flyff, Rappelz, Dragonica, Allods Online, Canaan Online, Terra Militaris and the fusion-fantasy MMORPG SEVENCORE. The gPotato.eu portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over 8 million users. It will also publish the martial-arts MMORPG Age of Wulin in 2013. Further information on the company can be found at http://www.gala-net.eu.
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