New Updates and Server for Flyff
Company: Gala-Net
SUNNYVALE, California – September 26, 2007 – Gala-Net, Inc. releases new updates and server cluster for the Online Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, Flyff: Fly for Fun.

Gala-Net, Inc., the online community operator and creator of the massive gPotato game portal, has many popular games such as Flyff, Rappelz, and Corum Online. These unique games are available to download and access for free and also offer optional items for purchase. Flyff has continually grown with new features and updates since its first English Version release on December 22, 2005.

The newest update can be obtained from the existing Flyff game client and can also be downloaded as an entirely new installation file from many popular file hosting sites. The newest update includes features from both the 8th and 9th Versions. The new pet raising system allows players to further enhance their performance. Players are also now able to further customize their character by utilizing the in-game Make-Up Shop or purchasing a new array of optional cosmetic items, costumes, and pets. A new, elaborate upgrading system has been implemented to further upgrade weapons and increase their power. There are also minor changes and improvements to the first job quests, skills, experience loss, and text translation. In addition to the new update, a new PVP server cluster called Demian is now open. Demian hosts thousands of users and challenges both new and experienced players in a highly competitive PVP environment.

As Flyff's user count continues to grow with players worldwide, the game itself continues to grow with it. Flyff's Developer Aeonsoft comments, "As a Game Developer we are constantly attempting to create new and exciting content for our players while at the same time pushing for innovation and evolution in our games." For additional information about Gala-Net, Inc. or Flyff, please visit


About Gala-Net, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Gala-Net, Inc. is a subsidiary of global online community company Gala, Inc. Together with its European subsidiary, Gala Networks Europe, Gala-Net is a leader in the burgeoning free-to-play online games market. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Gala-Net's diverse service portfolio includes Flyff, Space Cowboy Online, Corum Online, Rappelz, and Upshift StrikeRacer. Through the community portal gPotato (, gamers can access all of Gala-Net's services and micro-currency, which players can use to buy in-game currency and virtual items for any of its games.
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