The upcoming Rappelz extension unveils its two new Unique Creatures
Company: Gala-Net
The upcoming Rappelz extension “Epic V : Dragonc Age” for the free MMORPG Rappelz unveils some informations on its two new unique creatures: the White Dragon and the Cerberus.

Coming from ancient legends of the world of Rappelz, the White Dragon and the Cerberus are the two first creatures of the “Unique” type. Even rarer than the Centaure and the Angel, these two new creatures can be found in new zones and donjons of the Epic V. As all other creatures, they gain experience and level as normal characters, and change their appearance at level 50 and 100. They also have their own skill tree and can be controlled independently, making them a perfect companion for the adventurers.

The White Dragon is a majestic legendary creature coming from an ancient age and whose eggs have been conserved in the Veiled Island. The young dragons are hard to tame because they refuse to obey to one unique master and prefer freedom, but the rare adventurers who will be able to tame one of them will have access to the terrible powers of the Dragons…

The Cerberus is a terrifying three-headed dog defending the Dragon’s Lair. Powerful guardian, this legendary dog still is an animal, and the youngest Cerberus can feel as soft as puppies. But be careful, because once they are covered with an iron armor, the elder Cerberus are powerful war machines…

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