Iris Online - Tears of Arcana Ė Now Live!
Company: Gala-Net
Sunnyvale, CA Ė May 2, 2011 Leading free-to-play game publisher, gPotato, announced that Iris Onlineís content update, Tears of Arcana is now live!

Tears of Arcana has been a much anticipated update for Iris Online, and some of the exciting additions include:

∑ Wood Garden Hard Mode - Radonís thirst for vengeance broke through his imprisonment and corrupted the Wood Garden. You can now obtain epics and uniques from this dungeon, but doní expect it to be as easy as before!
∑ Level Cap Increased to 65 - With new challenges comes new growth. Ready your weapons and sharpen your skills to defeat the new threats that have risen.
∑ New Elite Monster Zone - The clans of defeated World Bosses have come forward to take revenge! Though not as powerful as their leaders, these new elite monsters have an increased chance of dropping higher level equipment than normal monsters.
∑ Accessory Imprinting - You will now be able to customize your character further with Accessory Imprinting! Strengthen your power and show your might by adding stats to your accessories.
∑ Item Forging - Upgrade your weapon, mounts, and armor! Take your unused items and forge them into epics!
∑ Armor Exchange - A new NPC has arrived in Terminus, giving you the chance to temper your equipment once for FREE!

Stay tuned for more information on the update, events, and community activity, by visiting the Official Iris Website.

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About Iris Online
Iris Online is a 3D MMORPG set in a fantasy world where three races, Human, Elf, and Human-Animal Hybrids co-exist. A highlight of Irisís features includes cute graphics, mountable monsters, and PvP combat. Yet, Irisís card system sets the cute anime style MMO apart from the rest. Tarot cards in Iris can be worn to customize and advance characters in unique ways. Monster drop cards allow characters to transform into vicious fiends for a limited time. In addition, Irisís magical cards can be used for item reinforcement.
While cute and charming on the exterior, Iris is a fully-featured MMORPG, including instanced dungeons with special PvP areas for players to explore and conquer. With 22 dungeon themes and a monster transformation system, Iris appeals to anime fans as well as fierce adventure seekers!

Gala-Net & gPotato
Founded in 2004, Gala-Net Inc. is a leading free to play online game publisher in the Western market. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Gala-Net's diverse service portfolio includes Flyff, Rappelz, Tales Runner, Luna, Aika, and Allods Online. Through the gPotato Game Portal at, Gala-Netís 10 million users can play any of Gala-Net's games for free, as well as buy in-game currency and virtual items. Gala-Net looks forward to releasing Prius Online early this summer. More information on the company can be found at