Gala Networks Europe unveils more details about the upcoming expansion features
Dublin, Ireland – October 15th, 2012 – Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the portal, today reveals more details about the new features the upcoming expansion Firearms will bring to the multiple award-winning, history-based real time strategy MMO Terra Militaris. Firearms will not only bring the era of gunpowder, new weapons and units to the game, but also powerful war beasts and a revamped guild system and thus the strategic aspects in warfare to a new level.

War beasts are completely new to Terra Militaris. As pets, they can aid players in battle. Pet cards can be found as drops from boss monsters or by joining in-game events. Using pet cards summons a war beast, allowing it to be attached to a hero. Pets can be played with and fed to increase their faithfulness and the effectiveness of their skills. War beasts start with having one skill, new pet skills can be gained by attacking lairs and in in-game events.

Firearms’ revamped gild system will introduce a brand new function: Guild buildings. Constructing and levelling these will allow to further developing guilds from their basic status. Amongst the new guild buildings are the free guild shop, where players can exchange guild points into items, the military base that grants access to exclusive offensive and defensive combat skill research, and the production base that expands access to higher level crafting.

New, gunpowder-based units, such as the cannon, the Hackbuteer or the ranger, as well as heavily armoured new units – Firearms also introduces the craft of smithing – will bring a whole new range of attack and defence powers to the game.
The new crafting skills – smithing and cooking – allow to develop, forge and boost equipment sets for fighting units, that permanently improve the troops, or to cook food rations that provide temporary buffs for the fighting units.

Terra Militaris: Firearms, scheduled to launch this Autumn on English, French, German and Polish servers, adds the era and destructive power of gunpowder to the history-based strategy gameplay of Terra Militaris.
Packed full of new units, powerful heroes and advanced features, Firearms is a massive new version of Terra Militaris, launching this fall.

For all fans of the classic Terra Militaris gameplay, Gala Networks Europe will keep the existing servers running and offer both the options to either enjoy the new, extended Firearms gameplay features, or play the classic Terra Militaris.

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