Path of Victory brings Dungeon Builder to Allods Online
Dublin, Ireland – May 15th, 2013 – Gala Networks today announces a new, upcoming update for Allods Online: Path to Victory. The new expansion will allow users to generate their own dungeons and game content, which other players will be able to raid and plunder.

Launching on the 5th of June 2013, Allods Online: Path to Victory brings a slew of new features, including a huge upgrade to elite players’ private islands. On top of a visual make over, towers on these personal allods will now generate additional gold income as well as consumables for the most powerful spells available in game.
The owners of the Allods can then hide these resources deep in the bowels of labyrinthine dungeons which they can protect with a variety of guards and monsters. Other players can form groups and plunder these dungeons, so the more complicated the maze, and the more dangerous the monsters, the safer the treasures within.

Furthermore, fans of crafting can enjoy an all new tradeskill: the Weaponsmith, who will be able to create weapons, relics and gems. Warriors everywhere can also rejoice with a complete revamp to their abilities and rubies. Now the class will have more damage per second, a more dynamic range of abilities, and a wider selection of abilities to manipulate the field of battle.

In anticipation of this release, the Allods Online Community Management Team will be hosting several events in game and across all social media. Prizes for these events range from exclusive in game prizes to coupons to use in the Allods Online boutique.

Allods Online is a no-subscription AAA MMORPG set in a fantasy space opera universe that is published across Europe in English, German, Polish and French by and developed by Mail.Ru Games.
Allods Online features unique player-built and player-controlled space battleships, the dynamic Astral space to explore, and creates a new standard of co-operative gameplay. Join one of the two factions at war and discover the deep storyline by choosing from one of the 34 classes available and six distinct races. Customize your character and pet with the rich creation system, and level up to 55 by completing over 4,000 quests and confronting over 300 unique creatures. Explore and fight your way through dungeons, castles and temples as a group or raid. Allods Online also features Faction vs Faction, Player vs Player, Guild vs Guild and Ship vs Ship combat mechanisms.