Rappelz Epic VII Part 4: Ancient Legacy is live
Dublin, Ireland – May 24th, 2012 – Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the www.gPotato.eu portal, is delighted to announce the launch of Epic VII Part 4: Ancient Legacy, the latest expansion for its Fantasy MMORPG, Rappelz today on all European servers.

The new Rappelz expansion will contain the new Instanced Dungeon “Cubric” for Master Class parties to face powerful new opponents for valuable item drops, the introduction of the new creature “Lydian” available now as a dependable companion, and enhancements to the user interface.

To celebrate the launch of Epic VII Part 4: Ancient Legacy the Rappelz team prepared three events from today, 24th May to 26th June and a chance to win a total of 2,500 Euro in prizes.

The first event, “It’s time to Gear Up!” will allow players to rent items from NPCs in town which will be enhanced for 15 days. As this does not apply to Master Class items, this could be highly advantageous to newer players.

Available to all players between levels 1 and 100 will be “Feel the Power!” an event for players to gain three different buffs from an NPC. One will allow for increased movement speed, another for a stamina saver, and a third to allow pets to share stats with their owner.

Restricted to Master Class players in the new Cubric Dungeon, the final event called “A Fistful of Medals” will contain the toughest challenges and greatest rewards. If players manage to kill the dungeon end-bosses, they will be awarded with exclusive medals which can be exchanged for items. Moreover, there will be a ranking event in which the players who gather the most medals during the event’s duration will win real prizes worth 2,500 EUR. This event will run from 28th May to 26th June.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in these new events, now is the perfect time to get the most out of the Rappelz experience.

For more information please visit the official European Rappelz website at http://rappelz.gpotato.eu.

About Rappelz
Rappelz is a free, global MMORPG where over 6 million players’ adventure and battle in a dark and devastated fantasy world. Rappelz combines a striking fantasy art style with deep character customisation, tactical pet taming & training and extensive player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay. Rappelz is published in Europe in German, French, Polish, Turkish and Italian by the gPotato.eu portal. For further information, visit the official Rappelz website at http://rappelz.gpotato.eu

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato.eu
Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. It operates the gPotato brand in Europe by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games through the www.gPotato.eu portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPGs including Flyff, Rappelz, Dragonica, Allods Online, Canaan Online and Terra Militaris. The gPotato.eu portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over 8 million users. It will also publish the martial-arts MMORPG Age of Wulin and the fusion-fantasy MMORPG SEVENCORE in 2012. Further information on the company can be found at http://www.gala-net.eu.
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