Dragonica: Phoenix - New Update Arrives July 24th
Dublin, Ireland – July 17th 2012 – Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers and operator of the http://www.gpotato.eu/ portal, is delighted to announce Phoenix, the upcoming update for its action-packed MMORPG Dragonica. Reborn on July 24th will be a brighter, more colourful Dragonica, as Phoenix brings a complete graphics overhaul to the game. The update will also introduce a new screen resolution option, the highly anticipated chain combos and a special limited-time offer for players with a character over level 50.

The most noticeable new development arising from the Phoenix update is the complete graphics and engine overhaul, which gives the game an enhanced look and improved feel. Walking around Dragotaka players will be able to spot the differences instantly, with more definition and texture visible on the characters and throughout the environments. To ensure players can make the most of the Dragotaka transformation, Dragonica will now support screen resolutions up to 1920x1080, allowing the game to be enjoyed in full HD for the first time ever.

Phoenix also brings with it the long-awaited chain combos, a new combat technique which allows Drakan and Human class characters to bring spellbinding action into play. Players will be able to use the Z and X keys on the keyboard in short succession to fight their opponents. These combos allow the player to perform devastating attacks from aerial assaults to back slides that take them out of harm’s way. All this allows for even quicker combat and can help players turn a losing battle around as combos have the potential to be even more devastating than some skills.

For a limited time only, players with a character over level 50 will also be eligible to create a free level 40 character of their choice. Players will able to choose the race and class of their new character, and will receive a full set of armour, a weapon for their chosen class and a host of free items to help them progress. This offer will only be available for a limited amount of time, so players should make sure they are eligible as soon as they can.

Along with a number of UI changes to improve the player experience, Phoenix is also set to introduce a new party buff, updates to several dungeons and maps, unification of the pet stats, and a host of new PvP buffs for all classes.

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About Dragonica
Join the colourful fantasy world of Dragonica and discover the action packed adventure that awaits players in this vibrant free MMORPG. Dragonica’s 3D manga-style world and action rich arcade-style are guaranteed to make this a unique gaming experience. Enjoy hundreds of quests and colourful skills while hunting monsters in dark dungeons and battling against other players in the PvP and Emporia arenas.
Adorable pets, an open market function as well as couple, marriage and friendship systems are just some of the other features Dragonica has to offer. All you need to play this free manga-style online Action Game in English, German or French is a free download from the gPotato Portal: http://dragonica.gpotato.eu.

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato.eu
Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. It operates the gPotato brand in Europe by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games through the www.gPotato.eu portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPGs including Flyff, Rappelz, Dragonica, Allods Online, Canaan Online and Terra Militaris. The gPotato.eu portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over 8 million users. It will also publish the martial-arts MMORPG Age of Wulin and the fusion-fantasy MMORPG SEVENCORE in 2012. Further information on the company can be found at http://www.gala-net.eu.

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