Lucent Heart Is Open For Adventure!
Lucent Heart, the zodiac-inspired Free to Play MMO, will open ‘Head Start’ Early Access on Thursday 11th August at 10:00am BST and sets the scene for ‘social adventurers’ to delve even deeper and further into the landscape of Lucent Heart. Character creation and naming is open right now to allow new players to get prepared before the European servers open fully on the 11th.

Since beta tests began earlier this year, Lucent Heart’s fanbase has grown exponentially across Europe due to a distinct mix of authentic anime action and adventure, coupled with a focus on social interaction. Check out what all the fuss is about in the latest trailer here:

During Closed Beta, fearless players worked together to fight their way through the evil goddess Cadena’s horde of minions and earned their right to challenge the colossal boss monster Ares! After an epic battle, the players won through and defeated Ares, which meant Gamania cancelled the planned data wipe and all characters are secure going into the Head Start! Now it’s your turn to take your place alongside these mighty warriors as Lucent Heart throws open the doors and invites new heroes to enjoy the exciting adventures and new friendships that await you in Acadia!

The Head Start will provide a myriad of competitions, exciting events and freebies galore in the build up to the commercial release, where players will be able to purchase the equipment, outfits, mounts and potions to enhance their play experience and assist them in facing the fearsome forces of goddess Cadena.

Gamania, the publisher of Lucent Heart, is extremely happy with the first game launch to the European market and is looking forward to building upon Lucent Heart’s success with more new game launches this year on their beanfun! game platform.

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager Gamania UK said, “We’re really excited to be launching Lucent Heart as Gamania’s first European product as it looks great, has a lot of depth and has many exciting features for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re relaxing in town chatting, dancing and checking on your Cupid Matchmaking results, or taking on fearsome dungeons with a hardened team of adventurers and activating your powerful zodiac armour to stay alive, there is something for everyone in this game.

“We’ve built up a very strong community during beta and we know they are going to be ecstatic that the UK server is now going live. Players can now really get to grips with the game and spend the necessary time exploring and making firm new friends. Socialbility and interaction are some of the main strengths of Lucent Heart and players seem to be enjoying this immensely! We have a really friendly and helpful community so we invite new players to grab a beanfun! account, download the game and join in the fun now!”

To find out more about Lucent Heart, visit the official site and for more information on the Lucent Heart ‘adventure schedule’ join Lucent Heart’s Facebook page and keep fully up to date via Twitter

In Lucent Heart, your adventure is written in the stars, and with the Head Start, that adventure begins now!

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