Langrisser Schwarz's Class Tree and Mercenary System Revealed
During the 2011 Gamania Game Show, new details were revealed for Langrisser Schwarz, the latest chapter in the beloved classic series. Fans will find it stays true to the original series’ roots, even including music by Noriyuki Iwadare, Langrisser’s original composer. Yet, it brings many new enhancements such as the option to join either of the three different forces, a re-designed class tree, and the strategic mercenary system.

The game's director Ichisaki Hiroyasu said, “The art, story, and music of the original Langrisser are fondly remembered by gamers. Gamania has been working hard to make sure that the new game features the same elements, immersing ourselves in the lore of the original. Langrisser Schwarz is poised tobe a new classic.”

Character Creation Quiz
In the original game, a player was automatically assigned to the forces of light. However, in the online version players may freely choose which of the three forces they would like to join. Langrisser Schwarz begins with Goddess Lushiris quizzing players in order to determine which faction is the most suitable.

Light – Seek peace and order

Empire – Strive for power

Dark – Aim to restructure the world

Based on their faction selection, players will encounter completely different scenarios, characters, and quests.

Newly Designed Class Tree
The class tree from the original game has been re-designed by Gamania. After the character creation quiz, players will choose from multiple class trees, including: the path of courage (warrior), path of honor (ranger), path of defense (guardian), path of freedom (archer), path of wisdom (mage), and path of faith (priest).

Players can customize their characters by using the class tree

Once the player picks their class tree and assigns their starting abilities they can work towards promoting their character – achieved by accumulating TP (training points) and fulfilling certain conditions. Promotions offer a choice between two new classes, each with their own traits and abilities. Players will have access to a total of ten different classes and two secret classes within each of the six class trees.

Advance to the ultimate class!

Instead of forcing players to create a new character if they want to choose a different path, Langrisser Schwarz allows them to move backwards within the class tree while retaining their abilities. Using this feature, a character can be developed with a unique set of skills through leveling up multiple classes. In addition, after reaching the highest tier in the class tree a player can go through a “re-birth” by using a runestone – starting in an entirely different tree with all previous skills. It’s possible for a player to master every class in the game!

Strategic Battles with Mercenaries

In Langrisser Schwarz, players have a main character along with mercenaries that are controlled through simple commands:

Follow – Mercenaries will follow the commander and do not attack

Alert – Mercenaries will counterattack if attacked

Attack – Mercenaries will chase enemies

While the game automatically assigns mercenaries to the player in the beginning based on their selected class tree, they gain access to a variety of different mercenary types as they progress. Depending on the types of mercenaries hired, different strategic options become available – such as using a small elite group to carry out an ambush, or overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers.

Mercenaries are reliable allies for the player.

Also, just like the original game, it’s important to think about how units will match up. For example, soldiers, spearmen and cavalry are strong against spearmen, cavalry, and soldiers, respectively. In battle, players will need to coordinate their various formations and tactics – adding yet another layer of strategy to the game.

One must choose their mercenary carefully based on the match up.

Gamania will be revealing more details on Langrisser Schwarz in the near future. It’s scheduled to be released in Asian territories Q4 of 2012, with the North American release date pending.

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About Langrisser Schwarz
Langrisser, the best-selling console tactical RPG series, returns in an online version, Langrisser Schwarz! Featuring action-oriented gameplay in a world of three clashing factions, players fight battles with unique characters in a wide variety of settings. Caught between Light, Empire, and Dark, and the eternal conflict between the scared sword Langrisser and the magic sword Elhazard, players must prove their loyalty and survival skills in order to gain the ultimate power. Let the epic battles commence!

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