Lucent Heart Launches New 'Scaena' Expansion and Opens Item Mall!
Lucent Heart, the zodiac-inspired Free to Play MMO, has upped the ante! On 27th September Gamania Europe launches its latest expansion pack to the UK and European markets.

It’s time to step up and dance to the music! The ‘Scaena’ Expansion includes a custom Dance Creator that allows players to create their very own dance routines. You can use your own music or select from a provided list to set your routine to then invite your friends to join in and dance with you to make stunning group choreography. There are daily Dance Master challenges that allow you to strut your stuff and see who can be lord of the dance, plus you can even challenge your friends to competitive Dance Off’s! Through these activities you collect Dance Points, which unlock exciting new rewards such as the new Pet Squad system, EXP boost for Soul Mates, resetting skill cool downs and critical hit crafting abilities.

If your feet get tired of dancing then never fear, there are plenty more features included in the Scaena Expansion. The exciting Guild vs Guild battle system allows age-old grudges to be settled and opens up even more reward opportunities for you and your Guild, including crafting recipes for new level 75 armours with incredible abilities! Huh? Level 75?! That’s right! The level cap has been raised to 75, that also means 13 exciting new zones to explore including a new high level city, a ton of new quests, special instances, raid bosses and much more!

But that’s not all. The new Lucent Heart online store is now open for business! There will be a wealth of items on offer from the get go with new items added as the weeks progress. Items will include snazzy new costumes and accessories, cool pets, awesome mounts, helpful services (such as backpack expansions), Cupid Keys, Starter Packs and much much more. You can purchase beanpoints at to spend in the in-game Item Mall. Happy Shopping!

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager Gamania UK said, “We’re very pleased to announce that Lucent Heart is now bigger and better than ever! Over the past few months, the community has been growing in numbers attracted by Lucent Heart’s distinct mix of anime action and social interaction. The new Scaena Expansion, together with the new beanpoint Item Mall, opens up even more possibilities for fun and adventure for all our players. The Dance Creator allows you to get creative and make incredibly intricate dance moves to show off with. The PvP Dance Off feature and Dance Master system is great fun to play and unlocks some really great rewards. The GvG system should keep those who love PvP happy and encourage some great competition amongst our guilds. Everything is in place for players to truly get to grips with the game and its newest zones. But as always, the main focus of the game is the influence of the Zodiac and how it affects the players. There are plenty of new challenges ahead so I recommend visiting the online store and seeing what’s on offer – you never know what you may need to help with that new raid boss or that killer dance move!”

To find out more about Lucent Heart, visit the official site and for more the latest updates join Lucent Heart’s Facebook page and keep fully up to date via Twitter

In Lucent Heart, your adventure is written in the stars, and now on the dance floor too!