Bright Shadow Gets Curse of Hera Expansion
Although the holidays are over, the celebrating continues with Bright Shadow’s brand new 2012 Curse of Hera expansion! Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe is happy to announce that the new content update includes 8 new classes, introduces 30 new maps and raises the level-cap from level 69 to 99! Do you have what it takes to defeat Hera and her minions?

Alan Lan, Product Manager for Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe said: “We are very happy that we can finally launch this long awaited expansion which will add content for our hungry and growing community. I am also very glad that the Mentor & Apprentice System, which we introduced in our last update proved to be very popular. Now with the update in place there is even more dungeon raiding and monster card collecting to be done in the fantastic world of Luciena. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal Ambassadors and the community and wish you all a fantastic New Year!”

In addition to the expansion Gamania Europe and Gamania US are cooperating to connect the US beanfun! community to the game. This means that US beanfun! account holders can also play games that are published on the European beanfun! platform (and in future also vice versa). Please be patient, the connection is nearly there, more info will follow soon.

· Raised level cap (from 69 to 99)
· 8 new classes (Paladin, Dark Knight, Pistolero, Sorcerer, Beast Lord, Oracle, Alchemist, Artisan)
· 2000+ new quests to complete
· Over 30 new challenging areas and dungeons to explore
· Over 400 new enemy types and monster cards to collect
· 40+ new towering bosses

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About Bright Shadow
For many centuries, the magical world of Luciena has been under threath by mysterious dark forces. These evil beings from the Umbra Realm are using ‘Soul Power’ to transform themselves into hideous monsters that seek ultimate domination. The Umbra’s power is fed by destruction, deceit, corruption and death. The once pieceful community of Luciena have been rediscovering the magical properties of Soul Power to defend themselves against the Umbra and their powerful God-like PenUmbra masters.

The Lucians united and diversified, developing tactics, technology and magic to stop the notrocities they have had to endure for so long.The Lucians have had numerous successes against the forces of evil, but soon the Umbra retaliated with merciless force and it was clear that the war had just begun.

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