Soul Captor Open Beta Live!
After a fantastic start of Soul Captor’s CBT, Gamania Digital Entertainment is thrilled to announce that the game has gone into open beta, starting from today. The highly anticipated free to play soul-collecting MMORPG will be available for download through Gamania’s self-developed beanfun! platform.

Niall Callaghan, Product Manager at Gamania Digital Entertainment said: “I’m extremely excited that we are into Open Beta, now players can really get their teeth into the game and we can forge ahead and grow our community. The closed beta was very succesful from both a technical as well as a community point of view. Many players jumped into the game and provided us with the neccesary statistics to put the game through its paces. We also received a lot of positive feedback on the game itself which we are delighted to hear. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our players for the overwhelming enthusiasm and their invaluable feedback they have given us during this first beta test. I am sure that everyone will be pleased to learn that after a short downtime we are now back live and players will have the opportunity to check out two brand new classes that have been added to the new build. Both the Celestial Master and Mystic Fighter classes will provide players with new ways of playing the game. They join the existing classes of Warrior, Shaman, Onmyoji and Priest. See you in the Open Beta!”

Mystic Fighter:
With high dodging and fighting powers, Mystic Fighters are fearsome combat fighters. They have steady, fearless mindsets and can dodge enemy blows at high speed, making them agile adversaries in close combat. They are skilled in adapting their strategies to cope with a variety of attacks.

Celestial Master:
With high stamina and constitution, Celestial Masters are a great support to their allies as they can weaken enemies, strengthen team members and use necromancy spells to bring team members back to life. They can even reverse enemy attacks.

Community Events
As always Gamania’s dedicated team of community managers will do everything in their power to keep players entertained in-game and on Soul Captor’s social media pages. Expect fantastic fun, epic parties, great prizes and random give aways. So if players need a break from their soul collecting, they can check out the events page:, because in the world of Soul Captor there is always something to do.

Soul Captor is scheduled for release this summer on Gamania’s beanfun! platform. Players who want to learn more or want to participate in the open beta test can do so by visiting the Soul Captor website

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The World of Soul Captor
In the beginning of time, the God of Creation looked out into the chaotic realm and used his divine power to inhabit a continent with the most beautiful flora and fauna the universe had ever seen. He created the humans in his own image to populate this world and named the continent the “Mortal Realm”. Another continent teeming with life started to imitate the Mortal Realm. Strange creatures possessing abilities different to that of the humans appeared and slowly became known as the “Asura”. Thus, the God of Creation named this continent “Dark Realm”.

Cities were built above these realms where the gods; assigned by the God of Creation, could oversee their inhabitants. With the two worlds in harmony, the God of Creation left. However, his departure created a disturbance and the beasts from the Dark Realm started invading the Mortal Realm. As the force controlling the worlds started to dissolve, a mysterious darkness emerged. You enter this story as a divine oracle and begin your adventure by descending to the Mortal Realm in order to bring peace to the world.

About Soul Captor
Soul Captor features a rich story line with in-game cut scenes and is presented in a unique, beautiful graphical style. One of the game’s core gameplay mechanics is a Soul System that allows players to capture fallen enemies in the Soulpedia and can use them as mounts. The Anima companion system gives players a little helper that offers on-the-fly defensive, offensive or healing capabilities. The game offers both PvE and PvP gameplay modes and uses a comprehensive achievement system to please competative players. A special Friends System allows players to advance bonds with others and gain buffs and bonusses. With six classes to choose from, players can complement each other with their respective unique powers.

About Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Gamania is a major global online game and digital entertainment corporation that has been publishing games since 1995. On Gamania's self-developed "beanfun!" platform, it publishes digital entertainment content in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. With its core business being online gaming, Gamania aims to become the leading digital entertainment brand on a global level and is dedicated to provide diversified digital entertainment products to players across the world.
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