Game Trust introduces Moleculous—The Chemically addictive New Game from Smerc
NEW YORK, NY— July 21, 2005 — Strap on your lab goggles and get your daily dose of science with Moleculous. In this one-of-a-kind action puzzle game, you'll join forces with the world renowned Dr. Von Leakentube and work your way up the corporate ladder at Leakentube Elixir, Inc. Those messy fossil fuels that everyone depends on are running out, and now it's up to you to discover Cold Fusion before the world's energy supply disappears! Use your puzzle-solving skills to construct molecules by bouncing drops off of elements and into a catching flask—but beware of destabilized elements, or you could blow up the whole lab! Not only is the game fun, it is also educational! Try out Moleculous, and become chemically addicted today!

5 Unique Game Modes—Including Head to Head!
Amazing Graphics and Sound!
More than 40 Challenging Levels!
Full-Screen Play!

Game Trust, the leading platform developer for premium and tournament play, today released Moleculous, the "chemically addictive" new casual game. Developed by New York-based Smerc, in collaboration with Game Trust, Moleculous is available at top casual gaming portals such as

and, and will soon be released for cash tournament play through Game Trust's network of partners.

"Moleculous is the hottest game ever about Cold Fusion," said Adeo Ressi, CEO of Game Trust. "It 'fuses' elements of Pachinko with action and puzzle game mechanics for a game that's simply beyond categorization. We expect a lot of people to get their daily dose of science through Moleculous."

Moleculous has already received critical acclaim from more than one hundred beta testers used by Game Trust to evaluate new titles—scoring the highest marks of any title ever. Testers referred to the game as "original" and "addictive."

About Game Trust

Founded in 2002, Game Trust ( is the economic engine of innovation in games with the leading platform for premium game play. The Game Frame platform is the industry standard for deploying community and transactions within online casual games. Licensed by leading distribution outlets worldwide, the platform reaches a combined audience in excess of 130 million players per month. Award winning games, such as "Shroomz," are released by leading developers on the platform to reach millions of players with new premium play models. The Company is venture backed with offices in New York and Denmark.


SMERC's ( mission is to create games that are inventive and fun for a broad range of players. We strive to expand the boundaries of games and the expectations of the players through innovative game mechanics, new forms of game play, and startling graphics. All while making games accessible even to "non-gamers".

In addition to developing downloadable games such as Moleculous, SMERC has created custom games for clients such as Sports Illustrated for Kids, Lego, Mezco Toyz, and GM, among others.

SMERC has been producing games and other interactive media since 1999.
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