Gamebryo Used in Shanda Interactive's Innovative MORPG World Zero
Company: Gamebase
RALEIGH, N.C. (August 21, 2012) – Gamebase USA, a subsidiary of Gamebase Co. Ltd. announced today that Shanda Interactive, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher, is using the Gamebryo engine to develop World Zero, a unique, MMORPG that allows users to create, manage and share their 3D virtual worlds.

World Zero presents a universe where players can utilize robust tools and development features to create their own gaming worlds. The social features allow players to take their created content to sell, share and explore with other users. World Zero provides a wide variety of content found in traditional MMORPGs, but also empowers players to design their own gaming worlds. “Having worked with Shanda Interactive on past projects, we are excited to be involved in the creation of such a high profile title as World Zero. The Gamebryo engine delivered the reliability and flexibility that Shanda Interactive needed to develop such a diverse game,” said David Brame, CEO of Gamebase USA.

Key features found in World Zero:

· Open game development platform where users creative their own virtual worlds to manage and share with other players.
· Four stages of world creation: martial art creation, martial art style creation, home building and world creation.
· Four schools of martial arts, each of which have a unique fighter’s soul.
· Fighter soul system where users can get a fighter’s soul after completing the tasks of the martial art school they chose to join. Players may also acquire a fighter’s soul from dead monsters.

About Shanda Interactive
Shanda Interactive, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher, was established in December 1999 with its headquarters in Shanghai. Shanda's published and operated games include AION, MapleStory, The World of Legend, The Sign, The Age, Magical Land, Ragnarok Online, D.O., Dungeons & Dragons Online, Bomb and Bubble, Shanda Rich Man, Warlord of the Three Kingdoms and GetAmped.

About Gamebase USA
Based in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, Gamebase USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gamebase Co. Ltd. Gamebase Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Gamebase USA is the developer of Gamebryo, a 3D game engine that is available for development on all major platforms. Gamebryo, LightSpeed and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gamebase Co. Ltd. in the United States and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. For more information about Gamebryo, please visit
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