AION Free-to-Play: update 4.0 goes live
Company: Gameforge
Karlsruhe, 29.08.2013 – After countless successful test runs on the public test server, the day has finally arrived: Gameforge is releasing the much anticipated 4.0 update for AION Free-to-Play. Along with a new upper level limit of 65, three new areas and fresh content in the PvP and PvE areas, this enhancement brings a very special feature to Atreia: the new classes of Engineer and Artist.

Armed with harps, charm and a whole lot of feistiness: the new Engineer & Artist classes

With the introduction of the Engineer, a ranged combat class fascinated by technology and science is being implemented into the game. They make life difficult for their enemies from a distance with aether-enhanced firearms and a focus on speed and agility. Engineers – who develop into Gunners at level 10 – employ accurate aether revolvers or powerful aether cannons on their adventures.

The second new class in the 4.0 update is the Artist. Using the delicate sounds of various string instruments, they are capable not only attacking and cursing opponents, but also healing and strengthening allies too. When Artists reach level 10, they become Bards. These legendary singers perfect the skills of the artist, making them an extremely effective class during solo and group play.

Brand new in 4.0: maximum level, areas, instances and more

Aside from additional classes, the 4.0 update brings a whole lot more to Atreia: the previous maximum level of 60 is now being raised by 5 levels to level 65. Heroes can attain this level in the newly integrated areas surrounding Katalam, which are divided into north, south and underground regions. These also include six new instances, all of which promise high-level players hours of continuing adventures. PvP fans also get their money’s worth in 4.0 with new fortresses and garrison fights.
In addition to content for current players, 4.0 also provides lots of new features for beginners. The significantly faster levelling up in the lower level areas makes progression much more enjoyable for newbies. The redesigned interface has also received a lick of paint and comes with a fresh, modern look that, aside from offering enhanced functions, includes an improved quest tracker.

The 4.0 update at a glance

§ New classes: Engineers and Artists, who develop into Gunners and Bards from level 10.

§ Character level 65: the maximum character level is being increased from 60 to 65.

§ Additional areas and fortresses: Katalam’s regions await adventurous heroes with their numerous quests and fortresses.

§ Exciting instances: a hate-filled witch, cruel experiments and an all-powerful weapon are just some of the many dangers that will put your combat skills to the test in six new instances.

§ Stronger skills, weapons and armour: players can look forward to new pieces of equipment and powerful skills.

§ Garrison fights: players conquer bases for their own factions and protect them from enemy attacks.

§ Redesigned interface: a new look and new functions make AION even more appealing.
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