Gameforge announces Mogame2 – Release Set for This Summer!
Company: Gameforge
This summer it is finally time: in MOGame2, Gameforge will be creating a whole new game genre! The German publisher’s two successful titles, space strategy MMO OGame and popular Oriental action MMO Metin2 together form the firm foundations for MOGame2. The client-based game is now two years into its development and the closed beta is planned for this summer. Naturally this title will also be a proud member of the Gameforge Free-to-Play tradition.

“OGame and Metin2 are milestones of free-to-play history! What could be better than blending these two excellent titles together? Our developers have done some fantastic work in proving that a combination of flexibility in thinking paired with willingness to welcome innovation can lead to extraordinary gaming experiences. I also think that we can be once more proud of our name generation! And if it goes well, the new eSports title will directly start with augmented reality”, euphorically explained CEO Carsten van Husen.

Where did the Metin Stones come from? Now we find out!
MOGame2 takes place in the Metin2 universe, but takes place a whole 8,000 years later. The threat of the alien Metin Stones has still not been banished; in fact they are now stronger than ever before. A troop of brave adventurers have had enough of the pelting pieces of rock and are now heading out on a journey into the depths of the galaxy, to find out the source of the accursed meteorites and to end the danger once and for all.

The player can choose between different classes and factions. As a warrior, shaman or ninja, they form a part of the ‘O-Squad’. The task of the O-Squad is to gather resources and protect the home planets from the incoming Metin Stones using impressive defence structures and fleets. There is also an opposing faction to defend against. The Chaos Armada comprises of players within the Sura and Lycan classes. Their goal is to steal the O-Squad’s resources and to also occupy enemy player planets.

Take the Space Shuttle to the Intergalactic Orient
Alongside the rich gameplay, this innovative new genre stands out with its fantastical environments. The mix of Oriental and futuristic elements creates a whole new style that is reflected in the character design as well as in the constructions and space fleets.

Through the various buildings, for example the Library, achievements such as the ‘Secrets of Alexandria’ and the ‘Star Map of the Yellow Emperor’ can be unlocked. These provide the player with advantages for their construction or research projects as well as for the navigation of their fleets.

Fans of the classics Metin2 and OGame can look forward to this year’s launch of the WOOSA RPG (World’s Only Oriental Space Action-Strategy RPG).

Title: MOGame2
Genre: WOOSA-RPG Plattform: PC
Publisher: Gameforge Entwickler: Gameforge

Release: 2015

About Gameforge
With an impressive portfolio of 20 titles and over 450 million registered players, Gameforge is one of the leading providers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) in the western hemisphere. Based in Karlsruhe, the internationally active group of companies offer their games in over 75 countries. Their portfolio contains client based games such as AION, TERA, Metin2 (Europe’s most successful MMOG), HEX: Shards of Fate, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, Sigils: Battle for Raios, Runes of Magic, Elsword and Wizard101. They also offer browser based online games such as the classic OGame, the award-winning Ikariam and a growing selection of mobile games. The company employs around 450 employees. You can find out more information at
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