AION Free to Play: over 750,000 new players after only four weeks!
Company: Gameforge
Karlsruhe, 3rd of April 2012 – only four weeks after the successful MMORPG AION switched to a Free-to-Play model, Gameforge is announcing the first batch of figures. Since that time, more than 750,000 accounts have been created on the Gameforge servers. Currently, around 20,000 new accounts are adding to this figure every day. The Karlsruhe-based company is also able to show a growth in the number of active daily users: since the release of the Free-to-Play version these numbers have increased fivefold already. With only four weeks of running time, AION has seamlessly added itself to the Gameforge portfolio, alongside other internationally successful titles such as Metin 2 and Ikariam.

“With the successful launch of the AAA title AION, Gameforge has heralded the start of a new era for it’s free-to-play sector. Further AAA titles will follow in the coming months”, said Alexander Rösner, CEO of Gameforge.

Currently the team is working flat out on the coming 3.0 content update, which, alongside the level cap increase, brings with it much more than further regions and instances: the hotly anticipated housing system and additional mounts are also part of the update.

AION is Asian premium developer NCsoft‘s® most successful MMO title and has been leading the ranking lists in Korea for years Millions of players worldwide populate the estates and regions of Atreia. With numerous updates, the game has been continually built on and expanded. Included in these were not only uncountable amounts of features and functions, but also standards of the MMO genre – new instances, interesting reward systems and improved levelling possibilities through quests. There are also innovations such as the mentor system, where experienced players take beginners under their wing and both profit out of it. Since the 28th February 2012, AION has been Free-to-Play and allows the players to experience the entire game content for free.

Gameforge – We create worlds
With an impressive portfolio of 20 titles and over 300 million registered players, Gameforge is one of the leading providers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) in the western hemisphere. Based in Karlsruhe, the internationally active group of companies offer their games in more than 50 languages. Their portfolio contains client based games such as AION, TERA, Metin2 (Europe’s most successful MMOG), 4Story, Runes of Magic, Elsword, Wizard101, Eligium – The Chosen One and RaiderZ. They also offer browser based online games such as the award-winning Ikariam and OGame. The company employs around 600 employees at its locations in Karlsruhe and Berlin. Gameforge was founded in 2003 by CEO Alexander Rösner. Since 2007, renowned investor Accel Partners has held shares in Gameforge AG.
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