Cabal Online: Rising Force, the latest massive update and expansion for the popular free to play MMORPG, available from today
Sheffield, UK, 15-3-2013–, the leading free to play games publisher, today announced that the latest free expansion for CABAL Online, Episode 9: Rising Force, is available for download and players from all over Europe can enjoy it from now. The expansion is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. is happy to announce the final publishing of the latest massive update and expansion, Cabal Online: Rising Force, the Episode 9.

The new Episode 9: Rising Force introduces exciting new features in the game, a new PvP mode and an amazing new dungeon and a revamped skill system.

Upcoming new features, amongst others, in the new free expansion are listed below:

· A new Mission Battle System will be added - a ranked cross- server 1v1 daily PvP battle on a brand new battleground
· A brand-new dungeon will be available, the Tower of the Dead B3F - the most challenging group-dungeon yet!
· The skill system will be revamped, bringing new effects and skills such as

Domination, Silence, Dodge, Pierce, Immunity, Evasion and damage reflections!

· Brand new combat skills will be added to the existing classes
· The stat system will be changed, and increased monster toughness
· There will be a huge number of new achievements to unlock
· A new Essence Rune will be available for crafters
· The Honour and Bringer Titles will be changed

Players interested in starting or continuing their adventure in CABAL Online, whether in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Turkish can register and start playing today by visiting the official website at

Thorsten Schauer, CEO commented “The arrival of the highly anticipated PvP ladder to the European market is a milestone that will allow the players to experience PvP as never before. And the new dungeon will challenge the most experience PvE players skills. ”
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