Cabal Episode II - The War Begins
Sheffield, UK - 10th January 2008 - today announced that the second major expansion to the European version of CABAL Online, the widely acclaimed free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), will be available for free download this January. Episode 2 - The War Begins, signals the beginning of the next chapter in CABALs development, unveiling a host of new features and content updates, which are set to re-affirm CABAL Onlines position as one of the best free-to-play games on the market.

Based in the turbulent world of Nevareth, a land devastated by the effects of war and mythical evil forces, Episode 2 sees the continuation of the CABAL Online story, as players find themselves at the centre of an epic battle for political supremacy. With the discovery of Tierra Gloriosa, a land vital in the struggle for the dominance of Nevareth, the battle between the Capella and Proycon forces enters a new and decisive stage, with the history of the realm firmly in players hands. Through a daily two hour battle, in the region of Tierra Gloriosa, players from each nation will need to display the skills of courage, leadership, organisation and determination, in order to defeat their fellow players and win the national war. With only one nation able to leave the battlefield victorious, the rivalry is set to reach fever pitch, as the winning faction claims not only supremacy, but also those all important rewards which follow it.

"These developments have long been sought after by the CABAL community, with Tierra Gloriosa finally providing a war system which makes player versus player combat not only fun and rewarding, but also meaningful" said Thorsten Schauer, Director of "This expansion promises to offer our best free update to-date, providing not only new features but also many new and exciting challenges."

Alongside the new war system, Episode 2 will introduce new maps, monsters, six new skills and an increase to the level cap, creating brand new challenges and opportunities for the citizens of CABAL. Adding to the already huge amount of free content, the new update will provide:

= New War System: Tierra Glorisosa - In this new region of CABAL Online, players from the two nations will engage in battle in the new war system. With towers to capture, quests to complete and most importantly enemies to kill, only one nation can emerge victorious. The new system will allow up to two hundred players from each faction to face each other in the war map. Players will fight daily for a period of two hours, receiving points for kills and completing tasks, with the team with the most points winning the honours. Prizes include both rewards for the winning nation, in the form of increased experience for members of the nation, and personal rewards for those who participate.

= Increased Level Cap - For those players uninterested by the player-versus player battles, new challenges lay ahead as the cap is increased by twenty levels to 170.

= New regions: Pontus Ferrum - Through the dangerous portal players will be able to enter the new realm of Pontus Ferrum, a land full of dangerous and deadly foes. Only for the bravest and strongest of souls.

= Brand new quests - A large number of new quests and storylines for users to engage themselves in.
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