CABAL Europe returns to its roots
Sheffield, UK - 26th January 2008 - This February CABAL Online EUROPE will return back to its roots, as the European and Korean versions once again align as one. Since launching live over a year ago, the European community has enjoyed a unique version of the widely acclaimed free-to-play game, created by the developers in order to address certain game imbalances before the European launch. Yet with the introduction of the next phase of Episode 2, the second free expansion to the hit game, the game developers have brought the versions back in-line.

"Episode 2 addresses many of the outstanding issues in CABAL Online", said Jinny, Managing director at ESTSoft. "CABAL Online Episode 2 offers the most exciting and balanced version of the game yet, with scary monsters, new quest challenges, breath-taking new skills and a war system that brings the battle between CABALs nations to a whole new level".

CABAL Online Episode 2 is a series of updates which are set to reaffirm CABAL Onlines position as one of the best free-to-play games on the market.
Already the game has seen a revolution in its player versus player combat, with the introduction of a new war system, and it is now set to receive key
changes to the skill system. With the introduction of a brand new skill rank, players will be able to learn from six new attack skills, over thirty-two new
buff or de-buff skills, a brand new stun skill and a range of new promotional quests. Furthermore players will now be able to attack directly from their
board or bikes, rushing the enemy and beginning a combo-attack.

With the challenges that lie ahead, the heroes of Nevareth will need to take full advantage of these new powers. Alongside the new skill rank, Episode 2 has already seen the introduction of new maps, monsters and an increase to the level cap, creating brand new challenges and opportunities for the citizens of CABAL;

* New War System: Tierra Glorisosa - In this new region of CABAL Online, players from the two nations will engage in battle in the new war system. With
towers to capture, quests to complete and most importantly enemies to kill, only one nation can emerge victorious. The new system will allow up to two
hundred players from each faction to face each other in the war map. Players will fight daily for a period of two hours, receiving points for kills and
completing tasks, with the team with the most points winning the honours. Prizes include both rewards for the winning nation, in the form of increased
experience for members of the nation, and personal rewards for those who participate.

* Increased Level Cap - For those players uninterested by the player-versus player battles, new challenges lay ahead as the cap is increased by twenty
levels to 170.

* New regions: Pontus Ferrum - Through the dangerous portal players will be able to enter the new realm of Pontus Ferrum, a land full of dangerous and deadly foes. Only for the bravest and strongest of soles.

For more information, videos and screenshots on CABAL Online: Episode 2, visit the official CABAL Europe website at .
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