CABAL Online Releases Siena the Queen Update, publishers of the free-to-play title CABAL Online, today announced the launch of the second part of the latest CABAL Expansion: Siena The Queen. Free to download, the expansion offers users the most challenging experience yet, with the update seeing the introduction of two new dungeons, improvements to the guild system, the addition of a series of new craftable stat-increasing items and much, much more.

The discovery of the Altar of Siena opens a new end-game raiding dungeon to explore, providing a series of encounters that require brains as well as brawn. Even with the new "Blended Runes", a series of craftable stat-increasing items, which allow for greater character customisation, the dungeon will test the strongest and bravest of warriors.

Yet Soul & Siena is not only for those who have reached the heights of the game. The Panic Cave, an exhilarating fight against the clock, provides solo players with an exciting and rewarding challenge. Coming in three different levels - easy, medium and hard - it is not a task for the feint hearted, with the fast paced nature of this dungeon requiring a mastery of the characters abilities (as well as an individuals senses).

Furthermore with improvements to the Guild system, adding levels and guild storage function, the basics of the game continue to see improvement. This also includes the linking system, a method of showing a characters location and items, while "bind on equip" drops allow for an increase to the drop rates of high-end equipment.

For more information, including screenshots and game play videos, visit the official expansion site found at .