CABAL Online celebrates fourth anniversary with special events
Sheffield, UK This summer CABAL Online, the fast-paced free-to-play MMO, celebrates four years since its European launch. To celebrate the occasion, official publishers of the game, have announced a series of in and out of game events throughout the months of June and July, including give-aways, a new content update, a 50% extra EXP bonanza, drop events and other special bonuses and promotions.

The celebrations will kick off on Wednesday 23rd June, four years after the game was first unveiled to European testers. It will include free birthday presents to all existing players, including a birthday hat, birthday ring and fireworks. In the weeks that follow players will be able to enjoy a series of in-game events to celebrate the occasion, with 50% additional experience points during the evenings, an anniversary badge collection event with many rare items up for grabs, a raffle with a twist and a number of tournaments and contests.

To round off the celebrations players will also enjoy a brand new update, Secrets of Radiant Hall, released during July. Featuring two new dungeons, improvements to the user interface, a new daily quest system, changes to the party search feature, key bindings and much more, it will continue to build on the game that has revolutionized the action MMO-genre.

New players will not be left out of the festivities and during June and July every single new user will receive 7 days free premium membership. Stacking with the 50% additional experience provided by the event, it will mean those starting their adventure in the world of Nevareth will receive 75% additional experience during their first week. As an additional incentive to level, those who pile on the early levels during the anniversary celebrations will receive free items making now the perfect time to join.

For more information on the anniversary, including details on all of the events and contests, visit the official website at .

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