Ecol Tactics Officially Launches Today
San Jose, Calif. (May 1st, 2013) - Leading online game publisher GamesCampus (, today launches its first global browser title, Ecol Tactics Online. The turn-based strategy game moves from open beta to full commercialization. Players can enjoy the turn based strategic game by signing up now at

"After months of fine tuning Ecol Tactics, we are pleased to announce the launch of our very first turn based strategy browser based game, Ecol Tactics Online!" said Elliott Coward, Head Producer for Ecol Tactics Online. "We have brand new never seen before content and a slew of special events and giveaways.”
To memorialize this historic event, we have tons of new content. Visit the PvP Coliseum and take on other skilled mercenaries who are venturing for riches and glory. Attend class trainings in the Coliseum and develop your mercenary skill set to prepare for your adventures. Want to strengthen your team further? Players have a chance to hire unique mercenaries to slay those evil monsters who are in your way. Last, but not the least, guilds are available! Strategize with your friends and share your weapons, potions, and loot.

Ecol Tactics Online’s official launch is loaded with plenty of events. Players can enter the quest “Invasion of the Robo Hopper.” Annihilate this scourge across the world and collect their parts for an exclusive item. Take on the “Map Mastery Challenge Timers” quest and defeat all zones and challenge dungeons in the town of Vermonics. Players can score premium items exclusive to this event. In memorial of our veterans, take on the “Memorial Day Blitz event.” Players can gather items and receive a special tribute item to people in the armed services.

In addition to the new game events, we'll also be introducing rare items to players. Grab some Silver Hammers to protect upgraded items. Two new additional costumes will be added to the item shop and Gacha Board. Plus, players now can access Mercenary Random and Bundle Boxes. Replenish your war chest with gear, potions, unique items, and loot in this game of chance.

To check out all the latest events, updates, screenshots, videos and tips, visit the official Facebook page at or Twitter at @EcolTactics. Images of Ecol Tactics Online mercenaries can be accessed here: .


About Ecol Tactics
Ecol Tactics Online is a turn-based browser strategy customized to your skill builds w/ a diverse cast of characters and who prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters. Aspiring to be like the heroes that rescued you, you join them on their quest for wealth and great fortune. After completing many quests, you venture out with your own band of mercenaries. Unknown to you, dark days are ahead. An invading army of monsters is ready to wreak havoc on the kingdom and the queen. Slay the monsters, save the kingdom, and become the greatest mercenary in this epic strategy game with amazing "old school" pixel art themes, deep character customization, skill and equipment crafting, and personalized avatars.

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