World Tour Fishing Lands a Whopper of a Launch Date!
Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus USA, is pleased to announce the official launch date of World Tour Fishing's Open Beta to begin on February 27th, 2014! All GamesCampus accounts will be able to access the Open Beta at 2:00pm PST (-8 GMT)! Download the client at now!

Players can bait, cast, and land their way through 25 levels, 2 countries, and more than 20 fishing locations across the world. The premier locations for sports fishing and angling in Japan can now be accessed! Compete in Daily Tournaments and collect achievements to earn world records, in-game titles and rank rewards. New mechanics can be unlocked for catching more difficult and rare fish with a new level of difficulty and skill to the fishing process. Along with the new fishing experience, WTF has expanded their Aquarium system allowing for massively customizable public display of rare and record breaking fish players have caught.

"With a unique title like World Tour Fishing, we feel confident in saying that this game is the best PC Fishing Title on the market. We can't wait to let people see for themselves on February 27th!" says Elliott Coward, Producer for World Tour Fishing. "With all the content and challenges waiting for players, we know we'll be engrained in the memory of fishers and gamers alike."

About World Tour Fishing
World Tour Fishing (WTF) is an Online Multiplayer Fishing Game (OMFG) simulating real world fishing locations from around the globe. Players challenge themselves to fish through the ranks to professional angler or sport fisher while competing against other players in daily and weekly tournaments. Spanning 3 continents and hundreds of the most sought after fishing across the globe, WTF lets players experience ocean and river fishing without having to worry about licenses, overfishing, crowds or any of the other inconveniences with real world fishing.

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