Gamgo Launches Powerbaby for Mobile Devices
Company: Gamgo
Gamgo, a developer of video games and applications for mobile devices, announce today the launch of its new Action Jump & Run game Powerbaby. Powerbaby is the first game out of a series of titles and is now available for gamers in many countries.

Power Baby - a small cute Baby - is the hero in this fast and colourful Jump & Run action game. It has a real big problem, an evil Toy empire, from the dark side of the toy industry, has stolen and banished all toys from the planet. Powerbaby has only one chance to get the missing toys back. He must find the key of wisdom to defeat the toy empire.

But he is not alone; the player can help him on this tricky task. The player can control Powerbaby through the world of the toy empire with lots of different rooms, secret chambers and little dangerous toys that make his life hard. The secret weapon of Powerbaby is its magic Hammer. Powerbaby can use the hammer to smash enemies and chests to reveal useful items. It can use the red cape to jump like superman, throw bombs onto enemies, search for keys to open doors and discover more fun items later in the game.

Powerbaby is available for over 100 different mobile phone models in 5 different languages and supports all major handset manufactures.

About Gamgo
GAMGO is a developer of video games for mobile phones for Java and Symbian enabled devices. Gamgo was founded in 2005 by experienced mobile game developers who started out in the wireless games industry in 2002.
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