UFO spotted above gamigo
Company: gamigo AG
"I want to believe." Extraterrestrials are a thing of belief for many people because there is no real proof of extraterrestrial life. Or is there? A UFO has just been spotted above gamigo. The MMOG publisher is sounding the bell for the final round of closed beta testing today for the tactical browser game UFO Online: Fight for Earth. The free-to-play game has been improved once again to broaden new elements. The open beta is planned for May.

Players of the strategy MMOG know: the aliens that pretend to be on a friendly mission to Earth are everything other than friendly. What the invaders really want is to exploit the Earth's resources. And so the battle begins. Three, brave factions made up of resistance fighters have formed to save our planet and so the human race. They fight the aliens from self-made outposts. They also research new technology and weapons and hire soldiers. The player commands an army of specialists, each of which has their own class-specific skill tree. Only the right mix between research and tactics can bring victory in the end.

Innovations in the fourth closed beta testing

The developers at Funatics have worked meticulously once again so that players of UFO Online can now look forward to improved missions and PvP maps, as well as a much enhanced single-player/PvE story campaign. In addition, a new quest system has been implemented that provides an easier entry into the game as well as motivating alliance tasks with long-term goals. The graphics have also been reworked.
The new alien tactics will also pose a challenge for the players: the invaders have learned a great deal in the past months! In order to survive against the aliens in battle, players will now profit from a weapon upgrade and enhanced research system. Players will now ascend the rankings and profit from advantages of power. Furthermore, the bases of the individual factions can be further expanded. Numerous new room and research functions ensure for more long-term fun.
Extract of innovations and improvements in the four beta testing:

improved mission and PvP maps
new alien tactics
much enhanced single-player/PvE story campaign
new quest system
ranking system
weapon upgrade and enhanced research systems
expand the underground bases of individual factions
numerous new room and research functions
new story characters, weapons, and monsters
reworked graphics and improved interface