Rust Is a Must!
Company: Garage Games
FuQuay-Varina, NC, USA - June 21, 2005 - Fresh off the heels of their 2-day exhibition at the 2005 Digital Game Expo, GarageDeveloper International ( is pleased to announce the availability of the pre-release version of Rust FRKN. A sure-fire classic for computer game fans everywhere, Rust is a third-person view arcade shooter that is bringing the goods complete with intense old school game play along with phat graphics. Heavily ladened with customizable ships, rockets, chain-guns, micro-nukes, and grenade launchers, the FRKN demo certainly lives up to the hype with the announcement of additional features that are being incorporated into the full commercial version. The features include:

2 gameplay modes
("Single Player" or "2-Player Hotseat")

12 arenas / 4 zones
(Moon, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune)

5 different competitions
(Deathmatch, Team D-M, Race, Knock-out, Hold-the-Flag)

3 hulls / 4 jets combinations
(11 flyer types)

5 weapon types
(AutoGun, Shotgun, ChainGun, Grenades, Rocket Launcher)

8 active and passive device types

15 different opponents fighting for 1st place ratings/rankings

3 camera types
(Chase, TopDown and Sea-Sick)

Vivid graphics

Ear popping music

A spokesman representing GarageDeveloper International gave this vivid description of why the game Rust is a Must. " 2 rockets and a chain-gun are good enough. Right? But now the time has come for you to worry about shiel indicators turning too red. You desperately search for a repair kit in the arena. You luckily remember that you've installed one on your vessel just in case. 5 more challengers are heading your way....You recognize oneof them as being part of your crew, but you are not playing a team challenge right now. Instead of running likehell you wait for them to come a bit closer. You fire off some micro nukes and knock out 3 of them and fly off to a safe distance, switch your weapons to a grenade launcher and finish off the last 2. 4 more frags and you win it. Get your prize! Or do you? What's next? You've gotta retune your ship and go for another race until you get a top rating! Sound easy? Yeah, we'll see soon.... "

The System Requirements for Rust are:
PIII-1200, 256MB RAM, GeForceTI4 64MB Video Graphics, a Killer Instinct, an Itchy Trigger finger, DirectX 8.1
or higher Sound Card, CDROM, Mouse, Windows® 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP.

Slated for a mid September 2005 release Rust will be available to casual game lovers and hard core game consumers directly as electronic software downloads and/or CDRoms and priced between $19.95(USD) and $24.95(USD). Preordering is currently available in advance for the CDRom version of Rust at a drastically reduced rate of $14.95. Additional information regarding the game can be found online at (

About GarageDeveloper International
Based in the historic district of downtown FuQuay-Varina NC, USA, GarageDeveloper International, is an independent game publishing label established in 1999. Visit them online at
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