Graphic Adventure Series AR-K Comes to PC, Mac and Mobile Today
April 5, 2013 - Gato Salvaje S.L., a Spanish company dedicated to the production of episodic gaming, announced today it launches the first episode in the adventure series AR-K. Developed on the Unity3D graphics engine, this first chapter in the point and click adventure game, AR-K Episode 1, mixes intrigue and humor as players follow the story of a journalism student as she navigates a complicated web of reality and altered state. The first full episode worth hours of adventure will be available on iOS, Kindle Fire, PC and Mac for-free-in-April-only, so run for it as fast as you can!

Told in a classic point-and-click narrative, AR-K is a captivating adult drama that spins satire, comedy and rich 3D animation into a futuristic adventure that will capture your imagination.

Alice is a journalism student that wakes up with a terrible hangover; she has no recollection of what happened last night beyond the memory of a mysterious object. Who was the one night stand from last night? Why is she having such strange flash backs? Set in a dark strange future, where things are just a little too perfect, follow Alice as she uncovers a trail of clues and mis-adventures that blur the line between reality and lies.

"This is a very unique story line, and it's something everyone from comic book fans to gamers will find fascinating," said Fernando Prieto of Gato Salvaje studios. "We've mixed a graphic adventure plot line with comedy, high quality graphics using the Unity3D Engine and an all out great story and we know players will get sucked into this episodic structure pretty quickly. We plan to release the second episode in June this year."

AR-K Episode 1 is available for free on iOS, Kindle Fire, PC and Mac. For more information players can visit the official Website, or the official Facebook page:

Download the game on all platforms here:

About Gato Salvaje Studio:
Is a video game studio created in 2010 in La Coruna, Spain. With a solid background in 3D animation (most of the team worked for Dygra Films), they love good stories and classic video games, so they decided to develop their first point&click adventure, AR-K.
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