GBE Games' Hack N' Slash MMORPG, Hero of the Obelisk, Slashes Its Way Into Closed Beta Testing October 3rd
Company: GBE Games
September 26, 2013 - The highly anticipated, free-to-play hack ní slash MMO, Hero of the Obelisk (formerly known as Dungeon Hero) announced today it will enter closed beta testing on October 3rd. This addicting fast-paced MMO plans to take players on a raucous ride through nearly 100 different dungeons battling either solo or partying up with friends. Select players will be invited to become a hack ní slash RPG master, and to get their hands on a highly-coveted key, they can sign up for an account now at

Hero of the Obelisk will feature three electrifying classes with a total of 18 different specializations each with their own unique weapons and play-styles. With an insane amount of weapon and armor variations and an assortment of character enhancement items (skill runes and dite cubes), players will have multiple ways to customize their character(s) to maximize their potential and eventually work their way up to end game raids and challenging PVP!

Taking place in a medieval-fantasy world entering turmoil, Hero of the Obelisk will include a variety of cooperative and solo PVP modes; Siege Battle, a co-operative PVP where two guilds go head-to head, Battlefield, a team-based arena mode where multiple teams capture and defend control points and AoS based PVP, a strategic duel where players will control a unique hero and conquer their foes.

For a chance at a CBT key, players can create an account now at For all the latest news, fans can follow the updates on Facebook at Twitter @hoto_mmo and You Tube


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