Lords of Football's coming home - to Eastern Europe
Company: Geniaware SRL
London, United Kingdom – August 1, 2013: Lords of Football is giving football fans and gamers the opportunity to expand their football lifestyle experience, in Lords of Football’s new Eastern Europe DLC, available today.

The new DLC contains the fiercest Eastern European leagues, giving players the chance to show off their Skills in one of the following three countries, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Available now at www.lordsoffootball.com and Steam for £1.99, players will venture into the East to challenge themselves in the colder climates of the world. Also released will be an updated version of Lords of Football at a price of £19.99, featuring Steam Cloud and Trading Card support.

“Bringing the exciting leagues of Eastern Europe to Lords of Football expands on our core offering; the same brilliant gameplay, but this time with new challenges from some of the most exciting leagues in Europe,” said Richard Benn, Managing Director, Fish Eagle. He continued, “With European football still not out of pre-season, gamers can scratch that Saturday itch with Lords of Football.”


Poland – Play the Polish National League and the Polish National Cup competitions.
Russia – Play the Russian National League and the Russian National Cup competitions.
Ukraine – Play the Ukrainian National League and the Ukrainian National Cup competitions.
Taste of Eastern Europe - Each of these countries comes with modified buildings; reflecting their real world architectural styles.

Developed by Geniaware under the watchful guidance of legendary footballer, Gianluca Vialli, Lords of Football offers unprecedented freedom in the world of football, bringing true lifestyle features to a simulation for the very first time. It’s the only game where what happens on the pitch is directly related to what happens off it.

For further information on Lords of Football and its unique take on the world’s biggest sport, visit the official website at www.lordsoffootball.com or the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lordsoffootball.


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