Rediscover America - Claim your territory with Lords of Football
Company: Geniaware SRL
11th October 2013 – Lords of Football is pleased to announce that new downloadable content is now available. On the eve of the anniversary commemorating the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus, Lords of Football: United States navigates it's way across the Atlantic and gives you the ability to conquer a new soccer league through your footballing prowess.

Ready to download today for $1,99 this DLC further expands the football lifestyle experience allowing players to venture into a new challenge with a taste of America provided by beautiful buildings in North American styled architecture.

“It's our mission to bring Lords of Football to all passionate football (soccer) fans across the world, with the new wave of excitement that European style football is finding in North America, we are very pleased to offer the full USA league experience with a Lords of Football twist” said Richard Benn, Director, Fish Eagle.
Head over to the official website at to get more info about this ingenious game and other available DLCs.

Developed by Geniaware under the watchful guidance of legendary footballer, Gianluca Vialli, Lords of Football offers unprecedented freedom in the world of football, bringing true lifestyle features to a simulation for the very first time. It’s the only game where what happens on the pitch is directly related to what happens off it.

With Lords of Football you will enjoy:

• A football (soccer) lifestyle simulation played in God Mode. It crosses genres to bring you a new football (soccer) experience, involving you in both the match and the personal lives of your footballers. This is unique, a game like no other!
• Give match commands to your footballers in a way unlike any other football (soccer) game. Your team's ability and performance will not only depend on your tactical strategy but also on how well you look after them on and off the pitch.
• Explore and interact in a full 3D real-time environment where you can unlock upgrades that change, improve and expand your world.
• Each footballer has his own unique personality and distinct behaviour. They will react in different ways to events that take place within the world, as well as your choices having a direct effect on their mood, for better or worse.
• Interact with and affect the personal lives of your footballers. Keep them happy with fun free time activities in the pub, club and restaurant while avoiding negative addictions and bad habits.
• A new level of interaction is available during the training phase by offering a customisable 3D space, assigning drills or closely examining each footballer’s performance in real time.
• With the ability to configure every aspect of your team's appearance you have the ability to live your football dream and run your very own club

Lords of Football is available for PC via, Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate and other leading digital vendors.

For further information on Lords of Football and its unique take on the world’s biggest sport, visit the official website at or the Facebook page at

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