First to Fight Wishes the Marine Corps. A Happy 229Th Birthday
Today marks the 229th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  The Marines have always been at the forefront of utilizing new technology and skills to maintain their position as the most elite major military unit in the world.  Through an unprecedented relationship with the Marine Corps, Global Star and Destineer are developing Close Combat: First to Fight for the Xbox, PC and Mac.  In addition, a special version of the game is being designed for the Marines to use as a training tool.  The consumer version of the game will contain 90% of the same content as the version that will be used by the USMC for training. Set for release this January, First to Fight is the closest gamers will get to experiencing what it is like to be a fire team leader in modern urban combat.

Marine History
- The Marine Corps was founded on November 10, 1775, when Congress passed a resolution stating that "two Battalions of Marines be raised" and commissioned a man named Samuel Nicholas to recruit these Marines. He recruited the first men to join the Marine Corps that very day in a beer hall in Philadelphia called "Tun Tavern." Tun Tavern became the base of operations for the Marine Corps for some time and still stands and serves its own beer today.

- Today, Marines are America's only forward-deployed expeditionary force. In just 96 hours, the Marine Corps can deploy Marine Expeditionary Units, complete with thousands of highly-trained men, jets, attack helicopters, tanks and other massively powerful military assets, virtually anywhere in the world. Marines are America's First to Fight.

- About a dozen of the Marines who helped make First to Fight are currently engaged in combat during this week's assault in Fallujah. On this day honoring the birth of the Marine Corps, and in anticipation of Veteran's Day on Thursday, we are particularly appreciative of the service these men are offering their nation at this very moment.
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