Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory to include Exclusive Battle of Britain Documentary Dvd
Company: GMX Media
LONDON, UK (March 8th, 2005) - GMX Media is today announcing that the eagerly awaited flight simulation title Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory will come packaged with a free DVD documentary describing the events of the historic airborne battle. This double disc package will not only entertain, but will give players new insights and understanding of what will be remembered as one of the most important military engagements of the last century.

When France finally fell to the onslaught of Hitler's war machine in June 1940, Britain awaited the full fury of the Nazi armies. She did not have long to wait; the Battle of Britain was about to begin. This programme tells the full story of those months in which Britain stood entirely alone.

"Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory is gaining momentum to be a truly extraordinary flight simulation release", commented Eugene Perry, COO for GMX Media. "We have been monitoring the reactions of flight simulation buffs on websites from all over the world to this game. We've rarely seen such interest! With the inclusion of the DVD we wanted to make sure that consumers are given even better for money on purchase of the game. Battle of Britain 2 is not just a fantastic game, with the DVD included – it is sure to be a collector's item"

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Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory:

In-Game Features:

New DirectX 9 technology

The "In Cockpit" Experience

Clickable cockpits for the ultimate flying experience

Realistic starting procedures via mouse

Built-in native track-IR support with the latest 6 degrees of freedom support, including moving your head forward, backwards, left, right, up and down

- Lift your head for a more, over-the-nose view

- Lean out the window while taxiing

- Keep your eyes fixed on the target

The industry's best padlocking system

The industry's most natural g-force movements

The Ultimate Dynamic Campaign

Authentic re-creation of the entire Battle of Britain campaign

Experience epic battles with hundreds of aircraft in the air

Thousands of aircraft are tracked and combat ready from their historical airfields. Knocking out enemy airfields hurts the enemy's ability to launch aircraft from those specific airfields.

Authentic radar and spotting system

British coastal radar network spots planes, reports data to central command, aircraft readiness is checked at nearby airfields and interceptors are appropriately vectored

Damaged radar systems create "outages" or "holes" in the defensive screen

Human spotters exist all over the British countryside, and their ability to spot is affected by weather conditions

"RealWeather" Technology

Both historical and dynamic weather conditions exist throughout the theater

Building storm fronts with towering storm heads


Real-time, in-flight weather changes

Realistic weather forecasting

Artificial Intelligence

Computer piloted airplanes fly with the same performance and flight characteristics the player flies with, for a precise, historically accurate offline experience

"RealPilot" Artificial Intelligence Technology means enemy aircraft have the same limitations the player has

Both the player and the enemy can use the clouds for safety and cover

Study and exploit the enemy's weaknesses with charts included in the printed pilot's manual

Enemy aircraft have the same characteristics and performance as the player's aircraft, including actual joystick movements

Realistic Sound

Authentic engine sounds and behavior, inside and out

Machineguns, explosions, hits, and flack fill the battlefield

Negative g stalls, sputtering, engine overheating

Open the canopy and hear the difference

Complex engine management including prop-pitch, mixture, and engine temperature

Unprecedented Visual Effects

Accurately modeled visual effects create the ultimate battlefield experience

Authentic bomb blasts in accordance to military test data, including realistic fireball size / duration, shockwaves, and dirt blasts

Realistic gun-hits on aircraft, ground targets, land, and water

Towering clouds of black smoke cover the battlefield for the entire flight

Be a part of hundreds of bombers as countless bombs reign down on targets below


Immersive, powerful, and historical command and control on the ground and in the air

Command examples

"Target bombers"

"Vector me to nearest airfield"

"Tower, what is the wind at altitude?"

Worldwide Release Date: April 2005.

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