GOG.com Wants Indies, Launches Subsite for Game Developers!
Company: GOG.com
(19 August 2013) - The Internet's leading DRM-Free digital distributor wants more indie games! To make the submission process as easy as possible they have launched a new portal for indie devs: www.gog.com/indie. This new portal gives game developers a tool they can use to submit their game and speak to GOG.com about the release. The webpage provides information on how it is exactly to be partners "the GOG.com way", allowing for an industry norm-defying advance on royalties, direct feedback on the game from the gamers on staff, and continuous effort to showcase all new releases on the website and throughout its social media platforms.

You don't have to take GOG.com's word for it: the webpage lets a variety of devs who have already partnered up with GOG.com, speak up instead. Kan Gao (creator of To The Moon) Calvin French (The Real Texas), Lars Doucet (Defender’s Quest), Anne and Ville Mönkönnen (Driftmoon), all talk about their experiences releasing games on GOG.com.

GOG.com will have the indie program in full swing next week at GDC Europe (in Cologne from 19-21 August) where they will be happy to meet devs and press at their GDC booth located at table 147.


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