Got Game Entertainment and Merscom Announce Laser Squad Nemesis Lands in North American Retail
Weston, CT - April 26, 2005 - Got Game Entertainment LLC and co-publisher Merscom LLC today announced that "Laser Squad Nemesis" for North American release has begun shipping to retail stores across North America. Developed by Nick and Julian Gollop, the team behind the "X-Com" games, one of the most enduring and popular PC game franchises, "Laser Squad Nemesis" is a tactical warfare game which combines a unique and innovative turn-based combat system with the action of real-time strategy games. A game of pure strategy that leaves tired old RTS formulas behind, "Laser Squad Nemesis" gives gamers plenty of control to develop ingenious tactics and clever strategies. To celebrate the North American release, a major "Laser Squad Nemesis" tournament is in the works, with details including dates, guidelines, and prizes announced in the coming weeks. "Laser Squad Nemesis" retails for $19.99 (USD) and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB for Blood and Violence.

In "Laser Squad Nemesis", players establish their respective forces and strategies and then battle, against either a devious computer opponent or, via email, against other players from around the world, until one army is defeated or surrenders. Players can utilize the "test orders" function to fine-tune strategies, as well as rewind, pause or review games using the "Laser Squad Nemesis" video-style controls. With destructible terrain, players can change the landscape with grenades, rockets, and other weapons and the map creator allows players to create their own battlefields.

"Fans of turn-based strategy games know once you play, you’re hooked because the set-up is easy and the gameplay addictive," said said Got Game Entertainment President Howard Horowitz. "Not surprisingly, one word is consistently used by critics and gamers alike to describe ’Laser Squad Nemesis’ and that word is ‘fun’."

This North American retail version of "Laser Squad Nemesis" includes 20+ missions in 4 single campaigns, a free 3 months subscription to additional online campaigns and updates, as well as a detailed manual.

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About Codo Technologies
Since 1984, brothers Julian Gollop and Nick Gollop, collectively "Codo Technologies", have been involved in creating first rate strategy games. Creators of the million-selling "X-Com games, the brothers Gollop continue their commitment to creating the highest quality strategy games with "Laser Squad Nemesis".

About Got Game Entertainment
Founded by Howard Horowitz, with over 15 years of industry experience, Got Game Entertainment, LLC is a publisher of games for Mac and PC. With the release of games such as "Laser Squad Nemesis", Got Game Entertainment continues its commitment to bringing to market quality games offering exceptional entertainment. For more information on the company and games, visit

About Merscom
Merscom LLC is a publisher of PC and console games. Founded in 1999 by video game veterans with over a decade of experience working with the industry’s leading developers and publishers, Merscom has set its focus on producing fun, easy to pick up and play entertainment products for gamers of all ages. For more information visit
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